• How far will you go to avoid the doorknob?

    You may be thinking I’m going a little crazy with the question how far will you go to avoid the doorknob? But it turns out, especially during these colder months, that the doorknob is one of the fastest ways of spreading cold and flu germs.

    I thought I would share with you this little video and you will see exactly what I mean …

    One simple action can really help.

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    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageModern Furniture Designs for Christmas

    Christmas is so close that you can already smell the fresh turkey and Christmas puddings! Families are at the ready and people are preparing to welcome their loved ones into their homes over the holiday period.

    With the extra numbers under one roof it’s likely that you might need some additional furniture to ensure that everyone has a place at the table or a seat in front of the fire. Well, there are a number of innovative modern furniture designs that will be absolutely perfect for your Christmas celebrations and I will introduce you to them in the paragraphs below.



    Coffee & side tables

    As you are relaxing in front of the TV or blowing the cobwebs off the board games that the children oh so desperately want to play, a new coffee or side table would be absolutely perfect.

    BoConcept have some fantastic modern designs that are oozing with creativity. They come in all shapes and sizes so you are bound to find one that meets your needs. Just don’t forget to have a coaster or two at the ready for people’s drinks!

    Finding a place for everyone to sleep

    If you have a few extra guests than you have beds, its time to start thinking about how you’ll find everyone a place to lay their heads down after stuffing their bellies full of mouthwatering turkey and all the trimmings.

    The thing is, you don’t want to have to go out and invest £hundreds on sofa beds only to have them tucked away for the rest of the year. The perfect solution is to purchase a chair bed. Chair by day and bed by night!

    You’ll kill two birds with one stone by having an extra place for a child to sleep at night but then being able to fold it up during the day so that there is an extra chair for an evening either in front of the television or playing charades with the family.

    Chaos in the Kitchen

    With food being one of the most important parts in the Christmas period, kitchen designs are imperative. Innovative styles are always entering the market and with the influence of technology, kitchen design software has become a new addition in the process.

    With the daily workings over the Christmas period it’s important to have a design which is set up to the upmost convenience for you. Especially with young children wandering around, an efficient set up for the holiday season is highly recommended.

    Comfy chairs for the children

    There’s no two ways about it; children make Christmas. There is no better feeling than seeing the excitement on a child’s face as they fall asleep knowing that Santa Claus is about to pay there house a visit!

    If you have children staying with you over Christmas, beanbags in the style of their favourite cartoon characters can provide the perfect setting for them to be able to sit down and tear through the endless amounts of rapping paper that await them.

    Keeping everyone warm

    It’s going to be cold over Christmas; you never know maybe we’ll have a ‘white Christmas.’ We aren’t all lucky enough to have an authentic log fire burning in the corner of our living rooms, so we’ll need to think a bit more creatively about heating our homes.

    A perfect piece of modern technology that will keep you warm over Christmas is the Dyson hot and cool. It’s lightweight and will warm a room in a matter of minutes. However, if you like the idea of having a log fire despite living in an apartment or a building that doesn’t come with a chimney, the best way around it is to buy an electric fire that has a burning flame effect. These have been around for a number of years but more modern designs can truly provide that authentic log fire feel and are available from most major furnishing retailers.

    There you have it! You should now be in a position to kit out your home with all the modern furnishings that you will need over the Christmas period. Now all you have to worry about is cooking the Turkey to perfection.

    Merry Christmas

    The L’s Mum

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  • Featured ImageChristmas Eve Box Wish List with My 1st Years

    IMG_0858 IMG_0859

    Like so many of us, I am putting together a christmas eve box for my children. I love the idea of having something on christmas eve and making that day in itself festive. Sometimes Christmas eve can go really slowly whilst you are waiting for the big day to arrive, and so adding lots of different items to a christmas eve box that you and your children can enjoy can make a huge difference to the day and get you ready for that early night.

    In my christmas eve boxes I have included christmas DVDs and books, chocolates and sweets but I wanted to add a more personal choice to my christmas eve box and that’s where My 1st Years comes in. With wonderful items that can be personalised and be unique there’s lots of lovely ideas that can be added to your child’s christmas eve box that can make it that little bit more special. I thought I would share with you my wish list for Baby L’s christmas eve box from this wonderful brand.

    1. Personalised “When Santa Got Stuck Up a Chimney” book. 

    santa_chimney_4 ttt


    This is a lovely idea. A christmas book that can also be personalised and kept as a keepsake for the future. I love the idea of costing up in some new festive pyjamas and reading a book together before putting Santa’s treats out and retiring for an early night. Which brings me happily on to my next item…

    2. Personalised Christmas Pyjamas – Fair Isle Baby Onesie



    How gorgeous is this onesie? I love how it’s all christmasy and cute. The pattern is lovely and again this can be personalised so it’s something that little bit extra special. You could also add…

    3. Personalised Reindeer Booties 


    These are absolutely adorable and would be a lovely addition to a christmas eve box to keep those cute little feet warm and toasty. With a cute reindeer theme perfect for the festive season and also personalised there isn’t much you can’t love about them.

    4. Personalised Hooded Fleece Robe 


    To finish off the bedtime look why not add a gorgeous comfy fleece hooded robe to your christmas eve box. This can be used again and again in the winter months and perfect for keeping little ones warm on christmas morning. Baby L has one of these and you can see just how cute he looks further down the post.

    5. Personalised Jellycat Blossom Elephant 


    Why not give your little a one a new friend to cuddle up to when their dreaming of santa landing on the roof with his reindeers? These cute personalised jellycat toys are a perfect addition and as a keepsake a wonderful idea.

    6. Personalised Glass reindeer bauble


    You could start a new tradition and include a personalised tree decoration that can be placed on the tree on christmas eve. Every year you will be reminded of the year before festivities.

    7. Personalised Rudolph stocking


    Finally maybe start another tradition of hanging the stocking on the mantelpiece on christmas eve and add this beautiful stocking to your christmas eve box year after year.

    For lot’s more other inspirations for gifts, birthdays and keepsakes please do check out the My 1st Years website, they truly have some wonderful items available.

    IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0857

    The only thing left to say from us is Merry Christmas and have a happy wonderful new year.

    The L’s Mum

    *My 1st Years kindly gifted us the blue fleece robe for the purpose of this wish list post, but all choices and comments are my own*

  • In case of an emergency

    Finances can be a tricky business. Especially for us when we decided I wouldn’t rerun back to work after my maternity leave. To go from earning a decent salary, to statutory maternity pay to then nothing was something that was no easy task for us, or anyone for that matter. A lot of things had to be evaluated as to whether or not they were important. Take-aways and coffee dates to clothes shopping all had to be reined in to accommodate our new life as a family and for me as a stay at home mum. Being at home I worked out a budget, I plan our weekly meals to help out with food shopping and we save as much as we can. But what do you do in a financial emergency? What do you even class as one of those?

    Back in the old days, before a baby came along a financial emergency for me would be a new outfit I just had to have for a night out with the girls or that must have pair of shoes. These days my financial emergencies have a whole new meaning to me.

    For some people it may be a broken down car, or in this current climate that family food shop that seems to be getting more expensive each week. We try and prepare ourselves, and budget the best we can but sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need to hit it out of the park. For me an emergency these days would be an appliance breaking down and needing replacing. We have one car at the moment which is my partners company car so thankfully we are lucky that for now repair costs are not something we have to deal with. But if my fridge broke it would be the end of the world, if my washing machine decided today was the day to stop spinning I would collapse in a heap of unwashed baby grows and work shirts. Those things are what keeps my family going, the fridge keeps the food cold and edible, the washing machine keeps my partner looking smart for his job and my son looking super cute.

    Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t pencil in our diaries when any of those emergencies are likely to happen. They are unforeseen and quite frankly always happen when you really could do with out the expense. It’s times like these that I would turn to my credit card to help me out. A financial emergency that to be honest you can never really budget for, and if finances are tight and there is no spare money to be had then sometimes we have no choice.

    Thankfully credit cards and loans, when used responsibly, can be a saving grace. I would never condone spending aimlessly on a credit card if I didn’t have the money to repay the card in full or at least make the regular payments necessary. But in a time of need, and when I have no other option, they can really help you out.

    Have you ever thought about what you would class as a financial emergency? Have your priorities changed?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

    *This post is sponsored by Santander who offer a great range of credit cards and loans*


  • Featured ImageNovember Degustabox – Review

    I have been very lucky enough to be reviewing the Degustabox monthly subscription box service and this will be my fourth one now. I am a huge fan of subscription boxes. I love how it feels like having a present delivered to me every month and when it’s food it just feels like a double bonus. In the Degustaobx there is always a huge variety of different products. From sweet treats to alcoholic beverages there is always something to appeal to your tastebuds and November’s box was just as good as the previous boxes I have reviewed.

    What I like about reviewing the degustabox is that it gives me a chance to try things I wouldn’t necessarily purchase in my weekly food shop. Some of the products that I have tried with Degustabox have now made it on to my regular shopping list and I would never have been aware of them without being introduced to them by this service. I can’t recommend it enough. So what was in November’s box I hear you say? Well let me tantalise your taste buds with this wonderful selection.

    IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0848

    Here’s exactly what was in the box …

    • Salsa & Mesquite Kettle Chips – £2.19
    • 5 x Lindt Lindor Melting Moments – £3.25
    • Branston Mediterranean Tomato Chutney – £1.50
    • 2 x Holy Cow Curry Sauce – £3.38
    • Kent’s Kitchen Fajita Flavour Shots – £1.85
    • 2 x Pip Organic Cloudy Apple Juice – £3.00
    • Montano Cider – £2.79
    • 2 x Cool Dawn Recover Drinks – £2.98
    • Spiced Chai Tea – Sample
    • Baru Chocolates – A gift from Degustabox to celebrate their one year birthday.

    We have really loved this months box. We are looking forward to trying the curry sauces this week however everything else we have sampled and tasted and let me tell you they all a delight in their own special way. The kettle chips (crisps) were real lovely. Once I started eating them I couldn’t stop. I am definitely going to be buying the stilton and port flavour and give those a try. The Montano Cider was really nice. I enjoyed drinking it and had a real apple taste to it. It wasn’t as harsh as some cider drinks and definitely would drink this again. I wasn’t too sure on the cool dawn drinks, which are basically a herbal detox drink that can help prevent hangovers. I haven’t suffered a server hangover in a very longtime, due to me not being able to handle more than a few glasses of wine these days, so I can’t report back on whether they work but the taste was ok. Another favourite was the Pip organic apple juice which both Baby L and I enjoyed sampling.

    Overall this box has been fabulous and I can’t recommend Degustabox enough and only £12.99 per month great value for money. Why not try them yourself by heading over to there website and what’s even better if you enter code UO02P you can grab yourself a £3 discount.

    Also don’t forget to take a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages for recipes and lot’s of other exciting news.

    Have you tried a subscription box before?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum