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    Guest post by Lauren From Blogger Mummy Lauren. 

    What’s in my bag?

    I think you can tell a lot about a woman just by looking in her hand bag. I’d say this is absolutely true for me, my hand bag is a total reflection of what I’m like as a person, messy and unorganised.

     Pic 1

    My husband got me this lovely Nica bag as a gift a few years ago, and I’ve used it almost every day since. He got me quite a posh designer handbag too, which is lovely, but I always end up choosing my trusty brown bag. In the winter it matches my sheepskin boots perfectly, and in the summer it looks nice with a colourful dress and a nice pair of tan sandals so it always looks good with what I’m wearing, or I think so anyway.

    Above all, it’s practical. It’s a good size so I can fit all of my crap in (and believe me, it is full to the brim with random crap), and it has 3 compartments so I can organise my things. When I first got the bag I was a bit obsessed with keeping things to the right compartment and keeping everything neat, but now… everything is shoved in to any part that has room. Like I said, I’m a messy person.

    Pic 2

    I obviously carry the standard, Purse, ID, bank book and my planner. I would be lost without my planner, I’m really not the most organised of people and I have a memory like a sieve, so I need this with me at all times or I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing or what day it was.

    I’ll be honest and say I have no reason to carry my bank book around, I’ve never actually used it, but once something goes in the bag, it’s not coming back out!

    Pic 3

    I have really dry hands, so carry hand cream everywhere. I usually forget I have it though and rarely use it, but I really should. I have a pack of tissues, for obvious reasons. About half of a child’s body weight is made up by snot. That’s a lie, but you could almost believe it, the amount they produce is phenomenal, and so tissues are an essential for any parent.

    I have 2 perfumes, I don’t know why. I’m like the glade advert, I just alternate smells every thirty minutes so you can always smell me. I carry a lip gloss, even though I don’t wear lip gloss, and finally for my beauty products is my crystal nail file. I’ve upgraded from an awful  10p emery board to this little beauty, which you can file backwards and forward without damaging you nail, and you never have to replace. I love it!

    Pic 4

    This is where it starts getting random. I have a urine sample bottle which contains the 3 stitches that my little boy had in his wrist when he had a cut a few years ago. Don’t ask me why I carry these around with me because I couldn’t answer. I have a losing scratch card and some McDonald’s monopoly tokens, and then a random pile of money bags. Again, don’t ask.

     Pic 5

     I’m really bad for stuffing receipts in to my bag after I’ve bought something, and scribbling myself little memos on to post-it’s which also end up floating around my bag. I quite often open my post on my way out and shove the letters in to my bag too. Most normal people would take it out when they get home, but not me! Like I said, when something finds it’s way in to my bag, it’s probably staying there forever. I also carry my glasses case, but I have no idea where my glasses are. I often open this, hoping that my glasses may have appeared inside. They never do.

    Pic 6

    All of these lovely things are neatly organised thrown in to my bag, in such a way that makes it impossible to find anything when I need it. I’m forever rummaging through, but then I’m messy at home too and spend most of my days rummaging through drawers, wardrobes, boxes, so it’s only natural I would do the same with my bag!

    Thank you for sharing with us the contents of your bag Lauren, You are right, it does say a lot about you as a person. You are far more organised and tidier than me that is for sure :) If you would like to read more about Lauren then please take a look at her blog

    Thanks for reading
    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageMy 5 essential baby items and the 5 I wish I hadn’t bought

    I did this post for Alex over at Bump to Baby and I thought I would share it with you all. It took me a long time to think up this post. Especially as I have so many favourite items that I have used since Baby L was born. However after much deliberation, list making and crossing out I have come up firstly with my 5 essential baby items. Although as you will see later I have had a little extra one as I couldn’t leave it out :)
    1, Hitting my top spot has to be my Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer
    I decided to bottle feed right from the outset. I feel it’s a personal decision for any woman to make and its a decision that is right for them and their baby. If I am really honest I wasn’t 100% sure how to even make up a bottle before Baby L came along. Thankfully The L’s Papa had been through it all before and quickly got me in the routine of bottle making. The reason why I rank my bottle warmer as my top essential baby item is because this was an absolute godsend for those 2am, 4am, 6am feedings. When I was half asleep making a bottle for a weeping baby, this piece of equipment had my bottle warmed up in next to know time, leaving me free to feed my baby, and get back to that precious land of nod.
    2.My Tippi Toes baby Bath
    This was such a great buy. It was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve only just stopped using it at 9 months. This bath has a built in seat so I found it a lot easier to bathe Baby L. I bought it off amazon and although I can’t remember exactly how much it was I know it wasn’t expensive. I know that some people would think a baby bath was not essential, and it may not be to some people but to me I just found it easy to use. I was worried about bathing Baby L on my own, I’m a first time mum and everyday is a learning experience. This bath took the pressure away and allowed me to enjoy bath time with my baby as a chance to bond without endlessly worrying if he was ok.
    3. In third place Is my gorgeous Gucci Changing Bag. 
    Yes this is indulgent, and yes I fell in love with it the minute I saw it in selfridges and slowly dragged myself away when I realised that perhaps I couldn’t justify it. Only to have a massive surprise come christmas morning in 2012 that The L’s Papa had treated me to my dream changing bag and I am an extremely lucky lady. A changing bag is an essential for all your baby needs. A changing bag allows you to keep all your baby essentials in an easy to reach “go to” place. From bottles, nappies, wipes and bibs. There is compartments for everything. I would definitely recommend having a changing bag for your baby.
    4. In fourth place is my Tommee Tippee steam steriliser. 
    We bought this as part of a starter kit which also included some bottles and washing brushes. I loved how the sterilisation was done by the power of steam, which meant I didn’t have to worry about tablets etc. Just plug it in, put the required measured amount of water in, load your bottles and away you go. This steriliser has the bottles all done and dusted in about 5 minutes, which was great for me.
    5. In number 5 spot I have Baby L’s two soothers. 
    Firstly I have my Babies Dummy. We decided to use a dummy for nap time, and to soothe Baby L. Its not for everyone, but Baby L had started to suck his thumb and I just preferred him to soothe with a dummy instead. This particular one he had since birth and no matter what I do he won’t have any other dummy. I have searched high and low to find ones similar other than this particular one. Secondly he has his little frog. This was bought for him by the company my dad works for in Australia, he has a bigger version and a ball as well but the little one is his favourite. He keeps hold of it all the time, and loves to bite his head when he’s teething. So I guess I am saying as my essential baby item a soother for your baby is one I would recommend. Be it a security blanket, dummy, a teddy, a toy I think it is important.
    6. Finally I have my pram/stroller 
    I know I was only suppose to give you my 5 but I couldn’t leave out my iCandy. I was fortunate enough that my parents wanted to buy us Baby L’s Pram. I absolutely love my iCandy. It is the Peach 2 jogger and I think it’s great. It came complete with the carrycot, seat and adaptors to fit our car seat. I adore how easy to manoeuvre it is. An essential item is definitely a pram/pushchair/stroller. It is so important to get out with your baby to break your day up. Even for 5 minutes on the road you live or a quick look round the shops, you feel amazing for the fresh air and I think it does your baby good to.
    So on to my 5 baby items I wish I hadn’t bought…
    1. His rocking seat which is from John Lewis. 
    Don’t get me wrong a rocking seat or swing is a great item for your baby I just purchased wrongly. This item is a lovely piece of furniture but really that’s all it is. It looked great in the living room, but when Baby L was first born he was too little to sit in it securely and as he got big enough he would attempt to roll out of it and didn’t like being fastened in to it. It’s great piece for show or occasional use but honestly I wish I had bought an alternative.
    IMG_0187 IMG_0066
    2. His Mobile
    I love how it looks in his room and how it matches the bedding and decor but to be honest I have only used it once. Now that Baby L can sit up etc in his cot he tends to try and grab it. That has been the only use out of it we have had. I have switched it on once, and Baby L cried and I haven’t used it since. So again it was a purchase that looked good but I haven’t had much use out of.
    3. Baby shoes. 
    I am only just starting to put Baby L in little trainers or shoes, and only on an occasion where I want him to look smart. We bought loads of little baby trainers and boots for when he was born and I haven’t used any of them. I’d just forget I had them and kept him in socks throughout his first 6 months. Which brings me on to my next item.
    4. Baby outfits such as jeans etc
    These look absolutely adorable in age newborn and 0-3 months but I can honestly say Baby L wore jeans and shirt outfits only occasionally. I kept him in sleep suits and rompers for months. I bought tonnes of outfits that still have labels on. Baby L was born in June last year right when we were having a heat wave. He lived in vests and rompers for the first few weeks of his life and then only on occasions would I dress him in an outfit. Other than that I kept him in sleep suits and rompers for comfort and ease. I wish I hadn’t spent all that money on newborn and 0-3 months outfits and invested it for when he was older. Although, even now, if its just me and Baby L in the house for the day, he’ll be in a romper or playsuit for comfort.
    5. Door hanging Jumper
    We bought this instead of a bouncer/swing and at the time we thought we had made the right decision but I wish we hadn’t bought it. Baby L has used it a handful of times and its only when I put it up for him. Other than that it sits in a  cupboard. It’s a good item but I personally wish I had bought something like a jumperoo or a swing instead. We have since bought alternatives for him that are up all the time. It’s because it’s not out and up that I forget we have it and therefore it just doesn’t get used. I recommend this type of item, but it isn’t an essential and there are definitely more usable items out there.
    So there you have it, I struggled with the non-essential items. I think as The L’s Papa had been through the “baby” thing before with Lilttle L, we definitely did shop smart and I didn’t get too carried away. I hope this helps with any future purchases you may have.
    Please check out alex at Bump to Baby. It was one of the first blogs I read and I still do. She’s fab.
    Thanks for reading
    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageMamas and Papas Highchair – Review

    I searched high and low for the right hair chair for Baby L. I was so confused as there were so many to choose from. I was being really picky as I wanted something that matched the kitchen as well. I know what you must all be thinking, thats not exactly a priority when it comes to a highchair but this piece of baby equipment was going to be on show a lot of the time and I wanted something that looked good as well as being the best I could get for Baby L.

    I stumbled across this high chair whilst on a shopping trip to the Trafford Centre and I instantly thought it looked the part. So all I had to do was check if it was right for Baby L and also practical.


    Its such a great highchair. It adjusts to a different height which is great if I am sat at the table or just stood up in the kitchen. The tray removes and is dishwasher safe which is really ideal.


    It also has a seat recline feature which is great for younger babies. The harness is great as it can be adjusted to fit small babies and will grow with you baby. The highchair is designed to be useful from 6 months up to 3 years.


    I bought this item for £189 last July. I was not asked to do this review but as I have used this everyday since december I just wanted to let you all know how good it was. Its so practical and ideal. I would recommend this product or any of the other colour choices from Mamas and Papas.



    Which highchair have you used?

    Thanks for reading.

    The L’s Mum

  • Feeling Helpless – Guest Post

    Guest post by Jessica from Moms The Word 2012

    “Karl, Montgomery is really poorly. He is hot. Like 39.2 kind of hot and his eyes are rolling to the back of his head again!” – That is how our day began a few Mondays ago. A horrible start to the day. But, one that happened none the less. As scary as it was, I managed to keep calm and do all the necessary things. You see, this isn’t the first time out little man has suffered with Fibril Convulsions due to high temperature, no. But, that doesn’t mean it makes dealing with yourself in the situation any easier.

    After giving myself a good talking to, I rushed him upstairs, stripped him off and gave him calpol in the hope that his temperature would subside. Luckily, for us, not so for him, Daddy was at the Doctors attending an ear appointment when I called and was able to get Montgomery booked in immediately.

    The Doctor didn’t hang around much and sent us on our way to the Hospital, little man in tow. There, on the assesment unit is where we stayed for the majority of the day until later being moved onto the actual Children’s ward. During our stay on the assesment ward his temperature remained high and his bloods were taken. The blood results came back a little iffy, with white blood cell results high and a high infection count. Not to mention some strange pin prick marks that had appeared on his hands, neck and face that were causing alarm. They caused enough alarm that the doctors and nurses wanted him to remain within their care for a couple of days and nights.

    So, hospital stay it was.

    Honestly, my husband and I had not noticed the pin prick marks and felt a little silly once they were pointed out to us. But, once they had been we didn’t stop looking in the fear that another would emerge. And, they did. We were told that they weren’t too sure what they were dealing with. Obviously, an infection. But, what infection was unsure. So, they were going to be treating him with suspected meningitis. The high temperature and suspicious spots were enough to go and raise concern.

    That is when I became a little unstable. I had managed to remain calm the whole time we were there. Keeping my emotion in check. This was because we had suffered this with Montgomery before and all turned out well. But, now, this time things were different. Things were horrible. They had mentioned the dreaded ‘M’ word and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I stood looking at my husband who was getting ready to leave to grab me some clothes, when tears rolled down my cheeks in worry. Our little boy was lifeless in my arms and he was really poorly. How could we help him? We couldn’t. We just had to let the health team do their job.

    He was put on a course of antibiotics intravenously and after our 2nd night on the ward was starting to show signs of improvement. This I was very happy about and grateful for. It was so nice to see him smile again and totter about the place independently.

    We are home now with a bag of medication for the next 10 days and I can honestly say that  I have never been so scared in all my life. We are still waiting on some more blood results. But, the hospital were happy for us to bring our little boy home to continue recovering. Our stay in hospital had been nothing but a worrying one. I’m still worried and hoping for a full recovery for my little boy. He remains a little under the weather. But, is definitely perking up. To see him happy is the nicest sight ever. His little smile is back and he is mending nicely.

    I hope once all medication is taken that we won’t have to return to the dreaded hospital. That would be good.
    Little Montgomery had me ever so worried and had me a bit of a mess really. A poorly child is a concerning child. I just wanted him well and am so pleased that he is now on his way to being so. Plus, those hospital beds are really no fun for your backs! :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing with us your experience Jessica, It’s so worrying when your child isn’t well. It’s definitely something to think about when a child has a raised temperature. I am so glad Montgomery is feeling more like himself again. If you want to read more about Jessica and Montgomery then please check out Jessica’s Blog http://momstheword2012.blogspot.co.uk or follow Jessica on Twitter @Momstheword2012

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageGreat” Expectations – Guest Post

    Guest post by Suzi from Lil Mama Suzi 

    So the baby is out and the pain of birth is fading. You’re being overwhelmed with the sheer amount of love you feel for your little bundle or if you’re anything like me, you’re expecting someone to knock on your door and say “Rightio, times up! Time to hand her back now!”


     With the texts, tweets and birth announcements going out and now that you’ve shared your bundle of joy with the world there will be the inevitable and steady trail of visitors coming to see you at the hospital or your home. With all the “congratulations” and the “he/she is gorgeous!” flying around, you may fail to notice that lurking in the background, expectations are already being placed on you by yourself and those around you. I failed to notice and by the time I did I was already being kicked in the ass.

     I like all my ducks to be in a row. I write lists for my lists and carry a Filofax. My life will be in disarray if I don’t know what I’m doing at 10am next Tuesday. I don’t like to let people down and I don’t like to let myself down. When, after a 30 hour labor, my daughter was born via emergency c-section you can imagine my dismay after vigorously preparing for a natural birth. Imagine my disappointment when she came out I wasn’t able to successfully breast feed and imagine my surprise when I realised there were all these outside expectations from family and friends.

     Instead of being the most wonderful time in my life, it became one of the most stressful, filled with tears and I lost sight on the most important thing. My new family. My daughter, my Sailor and me.


     When it comes to great expectations, you will always be your own worst enemy. Birth is as unique as you are. No two experiences are ever the same and if there’s one key piece of advice I should have listened to, it’s “go with the flow”. If you’re like me and want to be organised (it gives me a sense of calm to know what to expect), then just research all the possible outcomes. Not just the one you have your hopes pinned on.

     Breast-feeding is also pretty hard. Latching, pumping, breast shields, lip ties. It’s very full on. You’re fed so much information on how “breast is best” and you’ve probably come across a breast-feeding Nazi who, in their mind, there is no alternative and who has made you feel like rubbish for even entertaining the thought of formula. At the end of the day, whether you’ve picked it up right away or you’re standing at a pharmacy counter with a tin of formula in hand and your breasts are on fire under your shirt, you do what’s right for your and your baby. If you and your baby are healthy then GOOD ON YOU! Here is a virtual hug from me. You’re doing a good job mama!

     As for family and friends, their expectations are theirs. You’re not responsible for how they feel. You’ve just had a baby and that’s all that matters but in saying that, it’s always best to diplomatically set those boundaries now or pay the price later. There’s no need to pander to what other people want of you (mostly your time since you now have a baby attached to you) but if it’s important (and it always is) everyone should communicate this openly and be able to work around you and your baby. Remember though, at the end of the day, it’s your call. You’re the mum.

     When people tell you it is the most wonderful time in your life, it is. You might know that immediately. Or, If you’re like me, it might take a couple of weeks to let go of all the rubbish first before one day you look at that little chubby face and it all falls into place.

    Thanks for this Suzi. It’s so overwhelming when you first have a baby and you are absolutely right, people have so many expectations of you and they either express this vocally or you can just see it in their eyes. It’s so important for a new mum to just think about themselves and their beautiful new baby. If you would like to read more from Suzi then please cheek out her blog http://www.lilmamasuzi.com or you can follow Suzi on Twitter @lilmamasuzi

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageDaily Routines – Meet Samantha and Mariana

    Welcome to my new blog feature where we are sharing daily routines from all types of Mums and Dads. If you have only just come across this feature you can read all about it here. I would love for you to get involved.

     Today we have Samantha who blogs over at My Cutiepie Blog and she is a new mummy to a baby Girl.

    Tell me abit about yourself and your family…
    Hi I’m Samantha, I am 23 and a new mum to my baby girl Mariana, who is now 3 months old! Partner to Joao (JC), who is Portuguese but has lived here for the last nine years. When I have a bit of spare time I enjoy baking and have just started my own blog where I write about all sorts to do with babies, lifestyle and beauty.
    I love a routine and have followed this same routine since Mariana was 6 weeks old. This has really worked for us as she is now sleeping much better at night and has dropped two night feeds in that time. Mariana is breast fed with one bottle of formula or expressed for her last feed.
    Are you a Stay at home parent, or working parent?
    At the moment I am a stay at home mummy but I am due to go back to work in January. I am taking a year of maternity leave and when I go back, I will be trying to go back as part time so I can then spend as much time with Mariana as I can. I am so lucky to be spending this first year with her, watching her grow and develop is amazing and makes me a very proud Mama!
    Describe your daily routine…
    7am Mariana wakes for the day and has her first full feed of the day. From now until 7pm I make sure there is lots of playtime and awake time to distinguish day and night.
    7:30am Playtime! Normally for about 30 minutes – Mariana is in her best mood first thing in the morning and full of lots of smiles. So we will go downstairs and she will either be entertained on her playmat or sit in her bouncy chair with mummy singing silly songs, pulling silly faces – quite often we have a little boogie to the ‘happy’ song by Pharrel. She loves the song and me clapping along to it, singing in a very high pitched out of tune voice! Ha! Poor girl eh!?
    8:00am Mariana will have a nap for around 45 minutes. I always make sure her naps are after playtime rather than after her feed during the day. Purely because I don’t want her to associate feeding with sleeping just incase she gets into the habit of needing a feed just to get her back to sleep. I encourage her to go down to sleep on her own – awake but sleepy. I usually give her a dummy to help her settle to sleep.
    9:00am Mariana will wake after her morning nap. So daddy will have a bit of playtime with her and get her dressed and ready for the day. He works late shifts, not starting until 3pm and finishing at 12/1am, so the mornings are his time with Mariana.
    This gives me a chance to quickly tidy up, put a load of washing on and get ready for the day.
    10:00am Mariana has her second feed of the day. She is on a 3 hour feeding routine so I make sure she stays awake and takes a full feed.
    10:30am Depending on the day of the week our activities for the day will change and times of our outings will vary. So I will either leave after her 10am feed or her 1pm feed depending on what we are doing. Every Tuesday morning we head into town and go to the cinema as they have a parent and baby screening. Therefore Mariana will usually sleep right through the car journey and when walking her in her pram. She is usually awake in the cinema – she loves the big screen and all the different colours/lights on the screen. Babies seem mesmerised in there!
    1pm Mariana has her third feed. If we have been at the cinema then I will usually have some lunch out with some other mummies before heading home. If not then I usually have lunch just before her feed and then go out to the shops or we will just have a chill at home.
    2pm if we are at home this will be Mariana’s playtime followed by a nap at around 2:30. If we are out then these times will vary and normally switch over. This naptime is when I will grab a lovely cup of tea or recently if at home and find the time I will do a little bake of something scrummy!
    3:30pm Mariana will be awake by now and we will normally have a bit of a cuddle or I will play with her some more – depending on what kind of mood she is in.
    4:00pm another feed for Mariana, she will then have her last playtime of the day before we start her bed time routine.
    6:15pm Our bedtime routine begins! I will run Mariana a lovely warm bubbly bath, she absolutely loves her baths, she has a good kick about in her tub, there’s water flying about everywhere!
    6:30pm I take Mariana out of the bath make sure she’s completely dried off and nice and toasty in a warm towel. This is when she has a bit of nappy off time and I give her a massage using a gorgeous lavender baby massage lotion. I will try to keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere to help her unwind and signal that it’s now bedtime.
    7pm  once Mariana is dressed in her Jim-jams I give her another feed before settling her down to sleep.
    7:30pm this is when I will usually have my dinner and then sterilise some bottles and the breast pump bits, ready for the night feed.
    10pm This is Mariana’s ‘dream feed’. I absolutely swear by this feed, Mariana will now have between 6-7 hours solid sleep at night without a feed – so this dream feed just before I go to bed ensures her longest sleep is when I want to sleep. The ‘dream feed’ means she’s still pretty much asleep when I feed her so this has to be given by a bottle because she won’t latch onto the breast properly without being woken up.
    10:30pm I put her back down to sleep whilst I quickly express some milk to keep my supply up.
    11pm Bedtime for mummy!
    Mariana will usually wake at between 5-6 for a feed so I normally give her a small top up so she will keep going until 7am when our day will start all over again. This feed will eventually be dropped – I am currently trying to delay this wake time by 10-15 minutes so eventually she will go from 10pm – 7am and then eventually 7pm – 7am! :)
    In three words describe a typical day…
    Busy, fulfilling and fun.
    Could you tell me a highlight of your day?
    My highlight of the day is most defiantly first thing in the morning when Mariana wakes up. I look down at her in her crib and say ‘good morning gorgeous’ and she gives me the biggest cheeky grin. She is in her best mood in the morning, full of smiles and coos so we enjoy lots of playtime!
    Thank you so much Samantha. I also use to swear by the “dream” feed. It was how I got L to sleep through the night. If you want to read more about Samantha and her gorgeous little girl Mariana then take a look at her blog here: mycutiepieblog.wordpress.com or you can follow Samantha on twitter: @mycutiepieblog
    Thanks for reading
    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageSoundtracks of Life – Guest Post

    Guest Post today by Laura From Life Love Laura

    Music is something that I love. We all have songs that remind us of things that have happened in our lives. Songs that make us smile to ourselves when they remind us of a special person and there’s always that piece of music in a film that make us bawl our eyes out. Music brings about lots of emotions in people that we never knew we had until a certain song sets us off.

    It’s safe to say that I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, if it’s good I will love it. When I was a wee nipper I played the flute, saxophone and piano so I was constantly surrounded by the sounds of Mozart, Beethoven and Handel, along with my dad’s Rolling Stones and Van Morrison and my two older brothers’ Happy Mondays and Stone Roses. There was no escaping music in our house but this is the way I loved it.

    Now I am older, I look back fondly on the way I was brought up around all types of music. Most people have songs that will always stick with them, for lots of different reasons – happy memories, sad times or it was simply in their favourite TV programme. These are some of the songs that will always be in my heart…

    Mumford and Sons – Lover of the Light. Love them or hate them, Big T and I are huge fans and this was the song I walked down the aisle to on our wedding day. The lyrics were perfect for us. Then, when I was pregnant I used to play it to Little T in my tummy. I’d put the headphones over my bump and watch him kick away. When he was born it was the only song that would soothe him when he was crying or distressed, it was beautiful.

    IMG_1978             IMG_1636

    Frank Sinatra – New York, New York. My mum isn’t really into music, she tries to sing along to the radio but most of the time she doesn’t know the words or even the tune. She adores this song though and it will forever remind me of my mum. It is the song that she will always do the splits to at the end of the night. On our wedding day I made sure our DJ played it last so mum could do her party piece. She insisted that she wouldn’t but I remember telling her I’d be disappointed if she didn’t and off she went. She knew she had to finish off our special day for me in her unique way!

    mum & her new york new york party piece

    They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul. This is a fun song that will always remind me of Big T and him of me. I remember playing it in the car when we very first met and he had never heard it before but it was an instant hit with him! Now we always play it in the car when we’re on our travels and I have free rein of the ipod. It’s one of those that can’t help but make you smile!

    Iris – Goo Goo Dolls. This was our first dance song at our wedding. We had toyed forever with the idea of having a novelty song or going full on lovey dovey. We originally chose You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story but neither of us had a clue how we were going to dance to it. I wanted Iris from the start as we both love City of Angels, the film it’s from, but Big T was worried that it was TOO cheesy but very last minute we changed it and I’m so glad we did. For months after our wedding, every time I heard Iris it made me fill up thinking about what an amazing day we had.


    Photographer www.nickwhiteimages.com

    The Who – My Generation. My dad and brothers are massive Who fans and they always go see them whenever the play live so really, ANY, Who song reminds me of them all. Whenever I hear this song I always think of my dad and brothers singing it at the top of their voices. My dad usually throwing in a bit of air guitar, bless him!

    I would love to hear all about the songs that mean a lot to you and your families and little ones in my new linky on Life Love Laura, #OneSongWeds. The linky will be open every week from Wednesday to Fridays. I look forward to seeing you there!

     Laura x

    Thanks so much for sharing those songs with us Laura. Music is important to me to and there are so many songs that remind of different points or experiences in my life. I will definitely be linking up my #OneSongWeds. If you would like to read more about Laura or get involved with her new link check out www.lifelovelaura.co.uk or follow Laura on twitter

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum







  • Featured ImageBaby Passport Do’s and Don’ts

    So like many people we are planning our family holiday and one of the things I needed to get organised was Baby L’s passport. I thought I would put together a quick Do’s and Don’ts so that you can all get this sorted as quick as possible and avoid some of the problems I faced.


    DO – go to a recognised photography shop such as Max Speilman and pay for a professional picture to be done. They use the correct colour background, the right size and obtain the perfect picture. This cost me £7.99 and was well worth it.


    DON’T – try and use the photo-booths you see at your local supermarket. Where these are perfectly fine for an adult to use. It is extremely difficult to do the following:

           a) Have your babies face be exactly in the middle of the screen

           b) Whilst avoiding any of your own body parts to be evident on the picture

           c) Trying to get your baby to look directly at the screen with out smiling, giggling, talking or generally getting that perfect shot.

           d) It’s a waste of time and money for a baby. We had 3 attempts, costing £5 each with 3 attempts each. Not one picture was suitable.


    The declined passport picture.


    This was our first attempt.


    Our second attempt.

    DO – go online and pre fill the information out in advance. This has onscreen help and allows you to obtain all the information. They will then send you the form in the post all ready for your pictures, signatures and documents.

    DO – use the post office check and save option. This will cost a little extra but will allow you to make sure that all items are complete. Although our application was returned because our attempt at a picture wasn’t right, it allowed us  to send the picture back and not have to start the whole application again because I had paid for this service and the mistake wasn’t my fault. Just covers you for any unforeseen errors or circumstances.

    DON’T – forget the documents needed such as birth certificate like I did. This resulted in two trips in to town and an unhappy baby for all the upheaval.


    A very grumpy Baby L after having to go to the post office twice.

    DO – leave plenty of time to get your application in. It normally takes 3 weeks but don’t bank on this incase the passport office has had an increase of applications. Or your application may need to be returned like ours was. Ideally as soon as you know your going to need a passport get it done. It’s one less thing to think about and allows you to enjoy the lead up to that much needed break.

    Happy Holidays

    The L’s Mum


  • Featured ImagePreparing for a christening celebration

    If you are a regular reader or follow me on Twitter you will know that it’s fast approaching Baby L’s christening. I am so excited for the day as its a chance for all our family to get together in one place. My parents are home from Australia for it, and family that I don’t see very often because of living far away are making the special trip up north to celebrate with us. It has been a little stressful but not as bad as I thought. Many times I have had to be reminded that this christening is not a wedding. For this reason I haven’t gone over the top but just organised the church, invitations, a venue, a buffet and drinks. Really its just about celebrating the birth of my little man, and not some fancy do. I thought I would make a note of the things I have had to organise so that if you want to organise a christening in the future you won’t find the task to daunting. Just remember its about you and your family nobody else.

    1. Church


    Our first job was to organise the church. I contacted our local church and arranged a meeting with the vicar. It was all incredibly easy and straightforward. We had to give the names of our chosen godparents, our details and decide on the date. We were very specific with the date as it had to be whilst my mum and dad were in the UK. All you pay for the church (well ours anyway) is a minima donation of £40 however if you want to give more you can.

    2. Godparents

    Don’t get caught up with “he will get offended” or “she has to be a god mum” this is about you and your family. The reason for godparents is that in gods eyes these are the people you have allocated to guide your child through life in. I am not particularly religious but both The L’s Papa and I knew who we wanted to include. It included his best friend, my best friend and my brother. I don’t think there is a particular limit on god parents but we decided on


    3. After church reception venue

    This is probably the most extravagant thing that we did for our christening. This will properly be revealed when I do my christening post for you. The thing to remember when booking your venue, is your party size, whether they offer food or whether this is something you will have to organise. A drinks bar would be helpful, as people can then purchase drinks onsite. Popular places could be function rooms in local pubs and hotels.

    4. Invitations

    Get these out in good time. With ours being around easter I was conscious that people would be making plans to spend their breaks away so I wanted to give people notice. Invitations can be bought really easily or you can have them designed. We have a particular theme which again I will reveal in our christening post. I had our invitations designed by Helen who tweets at @ellieallatsea. She’s a fantastic designer and the invitations cost £60 to be designed and sent to me in printable format. I will show you how fantastic they are soon.


    5. Outfits

    There will be a lot of pictures throughout the day. Some that you will organise yourself and also family will want a piece of the action. I thought about what I wanted to wear for a long time. I wanted to dress up and wear a dress. However I realised that a knee length dress was the way to go. I didn’t want to feel self-conscious and feel like i was constantly pulling my dress down. Especially picking up a child. I also wanted to make sure that I looked smart and elegant. I don’t want to look back and think why i was wearing a particular colour or style. So I went for a lovely classy dress which you will see soon. The L’s papa, Little L and Baby L are wearing suits for the day and I have a feeling the guests are also wearing dresses and suits for the day. However you don’t have to be as formal as I am. I have seen people organise christening with colour themes, dress down themes, the choice is yours.

    6. Transportation

    It would be a good idea to make sure that people know where there going and perhaps putting on minibuses for people that live in the same area. You don’t have to pay for this yourself but overall a tax could cost £5pp and for that I am sure people are willing to pay rather than mess around with a car. It’s just a nice little thought that can go a long way.

    7. Food and Cake

    I have decided not to do a christening cake as my venue supplies the food and there offering cupcakes so I didn’t see the need. However a cake is a lovely gesture to offer guests as a desert or just for decoration and to eat as family. It’s also worth checking whether your venue does a buffet or food option. Thankfully ours did as I didn’t fancy having a mad rush to prepare food. Although a home-made buffet is always well received as you can’t go wrong with the basics.


    8. Drinks reception

    It’s a nice idea to put on a welcome drink for your guests as they arrive. We opted to put some money behind the bar so that guests can order what they prefer to drink themselves. Either way it breaks the ice.

    And finally enjoy the day. I can’t wait to share with you all Baby L’s special day. Have any of you had your little ones christened?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum


  • Featured ImageDaily Routines – Becky and D

    Welcome to my new blog feature where we are sharing daily routines from all types of Mums and Dads. If you have only just come across this feature you can read all about it here. I would love for you to get involved.
    Meet Becky and her daughter D. Becky is currently expecting baby number 2.
    Tell me a bit about yourself and your family…
    There’s 3 of us. I’m Becky, I’m 34 and I work for a university in London, I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with no 2 and I’m married to Adam who is 33 and a graphic designer. Our daughter D is almost 2 and a half and without doubt the funniest person I have ever met, she’s a real chatterbox and at the moment wants to know why, where and how about everything!
    We’re a pretty normal family, we’ve been married nearly 5 years, together for 13 and met in University. We moved to Hertfordshire from South London when D was 7 months old and have never looked back – I loved living in London but village life suits our family so much more now. We don’t have any family nearby which is sometimes difficult and means we don’t really have any help with baby sitting etc, as a result we unfortunately don’t get out on our own much but I guess if that’s the worse thing in our lives we’re not doing bad!
    We both work at the moment which is hard with a toddler and another one on the way and I’m pretty exhausted a lot of the time. The work situation will probably change once the new baby comes along but we haven’t got any set plans yet. I love being a mum so would love the opportunity to be at home more.

     Describe your routine…

    6.30am Alarm goes off. D normally comes into our bed for a quick cuddle before we get showered, dressed etc
    7.30am Downstairs for breakfast, we always eat together at table and usually we have cereal or porridge. We often have a cooked breakfast at weekend and as a toddler who loves her food D joins in and has a mini fry up!
    7.50am Leave to take D to childminders and us to the station, This is where the logistics come in. We drop D and leave the car at the childminders, take our fold up bikes out of the car and cycle to the station. Then me and Mr R get the train into London.
    5.30pm After work I cycle from the train station to the childminders, pick up D and the car and head home, depending on how long I chat to the childminder we’re normally home by
    5.50 / 6 pm We then have a cup of hot milk, tea for me and D normally has a bread stick as a snack while we wait for a Dad to come home.
    6.45pm Mr R is home and we head up stairs for bedtime routine (bath, story, bed) Mr R always does the bath and we take in turns to do story and bed.
    7.45pm D is normally in bed if not asleep, hopefully quiet!
    We eat once D’s in bed and usually relax and watch some TV
    At weekends things are obviously more relaxed and we love to spend time as a family, either going to the park, playing in the garden or crafting and baking. D loves painting and is big into pretend play at the moment so we might set up a doctors surgery for her teddies or a picnic / tea party. We also try and make sure we eat together at the weekends as we can’t do this during the week, this is always at the table, no telly and if possible D will help prepare food.
    Describe your day in three words…
    What is the highlight of your day?
    It’s standing at the door of D’s childminder hearing her shout ‘that’s my mummy’ before she gives me a big hug. I also love our little drive home as it’s when she tells me all the things she’s been doing that day.
    Thank you so much Becky for sharing with us your routine. It sounds like their is a lot of logistics involved. D sounds like a right little character. If you would like to read more about Becky and her life check out her blog at www.beingmumtoday.com or alternatively follow Becky on Twitter @beingmumtoday
    Thanks for reading.
    The L’s Mum