• Turning into THAT mum

    Today started out like any normal Tuesday did. We got up and took The L’s Papa to work. We came home and had some breakfast and then headed out to our usual Rhyme Time group. Everyone was friendly as usual, Baby L had a tantrum, chased some girls, the usual drama. We had a coffee and we came home.

    Nothing unusual.

    Everything normal.

    And then it was as if someone grabbed the remote control and switched me on to standby. That was it. I went from my usual chirpy self to a miserable grumpy mum. Someone I really don’t like. It was like my energy had just been zapped.

    I became the mum I hate being, the rubbish one.

    This happens more often then I’d like to admit. Most of the time I can pick myself up. Allow myself half an hour of self pity time and then that’s it. It’s over with, and I have to get one with my day, my chores, my job, my life. But occasionally these periods of negativity and darkness last the rest of the day. Mostly until The L’s Papa comes home and then I do my absolute best to pass off that I am fine, even though i’m cursing myself for wasting the day, valuable time and turning into that mum.

    The rubbish one.

    I never thought I would win any awards for being a good mum, nor did I really think I was cut out for it. But I love my boy, i’d do anything for him and I suppose I just hope that that’s enough.

    What really gets to me is that there are so many more horrible and terrible things going on in the world than my self-doubt and low confidence. But it’s these kind of feelings that can really blindside you on some idle normal Tuesday.

    In a way it’s like my body shuts off but my mind speeds up. Over and over again I will be going through lists of things I need to do, have to do, want to do. Over and over again. But yet I’m just not responding, and so it continues, over and over again.

    And I turn into that mum, the rubbish one.

    Tomorrow is a new day, there is always tomorrow, and now as I write this I have been out for a walk with Baby L and I feel much better. I try and keep my blog a happy place, but in a way I want to always remember that no matter how many times I feel zapped of energy or low on confidence that I just need to allow myself the time to lick my wounds, and rise above it. Because there is always tomorrow, and that day is always full of hope.

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageSausage and Vegetable Pasta Sauce – Adult/Baby Friendly

    Since leaving work and starting my own business, we have had to watch our monthly spenditure and food shopping was always a massive chunk of our disposable income. That being said you have to eat, and I didn’t want to sacrifice eating fresh produce and good meals. So I have become a little more frugal and thrifty in what I buy and how I cook it. Today I wanted to share with you how I have managed to make a bunch of 8 Large cumberland sausages spread across three meals.

    I bought the very large chunky cumberland sausages from our local farm shop, they are full of flavour and have a high meat content. At £6.52 you would think it was an expensive purchase, but because of the quality I feel it was a good purchase to make. As I said earlier I want to make sure we still eat the best we can.

    Four of these sausages were used in a basic sausage and mash tea for The L’s Papa and I. One of my favourite meals.

    One and a half sausages were used in this recipe, and the other two and half sausages left will be used later this week in a sausage been and mash potato pie for when Little L stays with us. You got to love a little kid friendly comfort food. Anyway back to my sausage recipe.

    Take the one and half sausages and remove the skin. Grab small bite size chunks and roll into meatballs. I got about 18 out of mine, I told you they were big sausages, and leave to one side.


    1 x courgette

    1x red onion

    8x Ripe Tomatoes

    1x Carrot

    2x Garlic Cloves

    1x Red Pepper

    1 TbSp of Olive Oil

    1 Tsp of dried mixed herbs

    Dried Pasta and Baby friendly pasta if you are suing some for a child.

    Sausage meatballs

    (To be honest this could be used with any vegetable you may have in the fridge, Butternut Squash would be a good addition or alternative)


    Pre-heat the oven to 180c.

    Chop up all the vegetable ingredients and place in an ovenproof dish. Add the tomatoes whole and drizzle with the olive oil. Add the herbs and then mix to make sure all the ingredients get coated.

    Place in the oven for around 45 minutes, check on them towards the end, if they need longer let them have it. As long as the vegetables are soft and have that roasted look.


    Once the vegetables are cooked place them all in a blender and whizz up to create a sauce. Add a little water if it is too thick, but this should be ok.

    I served the sauce up for Baby L with some of his baby pasta. He absolutely loved it.


    How cute is this pasta?


    Later on, when you are ready for your tea, add the meatballs to a non-stock frying pan and brown all over. Then add the pasta sauce to heat through on a low heat.

    Meanwhile cook your pasta as per the directions on the packet.

    Once your pasta is cooked at to the pan of meatballs and sauce and coat. Serve with some crusty bread or a little grated cheese. Or both.

    This was such a tasty meal and we had left overs which I had for my lunch the following day. It would have definitely fed both myself and The L’s Papa, Little L and of course Baby L’s portions.

    Costing £1.50 per head. Not including store cupboard items such as the olive oil and mixed herbs.


    Overall If I factor in the potatoes I will use for the two mash potato servings, two cans of heinz beans and the gravy for the sausage and mash meal. Overall three evening meals has cost me just over £12.00.

    Not bad for eight sausages.

    Do you get inventive with your ingredients to make them go further?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

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  • Featured ImageThomas Land with the Babyzen YoYo

    During the summer holidays The L’s Papa decided to take a week off work, and as we had decided not to utilise that time with a holiday abroad (since we have already been lucky enough to go this year) we decided to do some day trips out. One of the days we decided to head to Drayton Manner to give Baby L his first theme park experience at Thomas Land. I was so excited. We headed there for around 10.30am, and as I had already bought the tickets online, we went straight through with minimal fuss and got stuck in.

    IMG_1373 IMG_1364

    At the time we were in the middle of reviewing the Babyzen YoYo which I will do a full post on for you in the next few days, but thought I would share our experience with it for a full on day out with the family.


    IMG_1389 IMG_1421

    Thomas Land has many rides suitable for Baby L’s age of 15 months. I was really surprised as I was half expecting to have a little go on the odd thing and then head into Drayton Manner for the more bigger rides for Little L. But thankfully we were able to keep both children happy.


    (The whole family had so much fun)

    IMG_1384 IMG_1429

    Little L was excited to take Baby L on the rides and show him the ropes, and then whilst Baby L was napping, we hit the Ben 10 ride and so on with Little L. It was a fab day.


    (Don’t kiss me in front of Thomas mummy)


    We decided to use the Babyzen instead of our usual travel system because of the lightweight and easy fold down system. We had at least two mums come up to us and ask us about the stroller. With a handle that goes easily over your shoulder, and a 3 way folding system it really was the best choice for such a busy family day out.

    IMG_1391 IMG_1350


    (Baby L was so upset to come off the Winston ride)


    (Having fun on the Ben 10 ride when Baby L was napping)


    I will do a more dedicated post about our thoughts on the Babyzen Yoyo in a few days but until then I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our day out at Thomas Land.

    Have you ever been?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageBaby L – 15 Months Old

    I haven’t done an update in so long and I feel really bad, but my baby has changed so much. One thing mainly is that he really isn’t a baby anymore, there is so many personality traits and actions that just scream “little boy” to me rather than “my little baby.”I can’t quite believe how fast these months are going.

    Age – 15 Months

    Weight – I haven’t had him weighed in so long, I will definitely have the correct weight for next months update.

    Height – Trying to get him to stand still is a nightmare but it’s around 73cm

    Clothing size – My little man is still wearing 9-12 month clothes, it won’t be long though until he’s in the next size up. I often find he seems to wear different sizes from different shops, but mainly it is still 9-12 months. He even had a 3-6 months jacket on the other day. I still think he’s a fairly small baby in comparison with others his age.

    Personality – This has really developed in the last few months and Baby L is definitely a character. He is extremely vocal and saying phrases like mama all the time, but we are yet to get a papa out of him. He is saying a lot of “z” sounds at the moment and still makes “dada” and “g” sounds. We are really trying to develop all these sounds into words. He is always chatting along in his own little gurgle language so hopefully it won’t be too  long until we can make some sense of it all. He loves climbing on anything and everything, and really has a thirst for danger, much to my dismay. It certainly gets the heart racing though. He has a little trait of showing his excitement by almost running up and down the house with his arms out in front of him and shouting all sorts of nonsense. This mostly happens when we get visitors, his papa comes home or when certain TV programme come on like the cuddlies on Baby TV, Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel. He also loves to dance when his papa sings the hotdog song from Mickey mouse. He’s very loving, always offering kisses and cuddles, mostly for his papa, but Mummy gets them every now and again. Other than that he is really independent and is quite happy playing with his toys by himself or going on adventure into other rooms of the house when he thinks I’m not looking.


    Favourite Foods – He has gone a little fussy. He use to eat anything I put in front of him but since a real bad episode of teething I feel we have taken a fair few steps back in his weaning journey. He will quite happily feed himself toast, banana and bits of fruit, biscuit snacks, cherios cereal, but still has me spoon feed the major part of his diet. He loves his weetabix in a morning, pasta and home-made sauces, and whizzed up meat and veg which is left very lumpy now for the texture. I keep trying to encourage him to feed himself by offering the spoon. I am also trying to introduce more finger foods. At the moment his favourite foods have to be petit-felous yoghurts, bananas and toast.

    Favourite Toys and things to do – His favourite toys are his new xylophone from My 1st Years and his wooden shapes toy where he has to place the shapes through the correct spaces. Baby L absolutely loves going to the park, especially because of the swings.


    Anything new – He has been walking properly and confidently since 13 months old and he is now trying to speed up and almost run. He is a little more confident to walk about during visits to the park. He now has four teeth up top and 3 at the bottom with two back molars, I think the fourth one along the bottom is on it’s way. He likes to hold his bottle in the morning and at night.

    IMG_0600 IMG_0601

    Mummy’s Thoughts – Dear my gorgeous boy, your growing up too fast, I wish you would slow down but then again I love seeing how you develop. I am guilty of trying to keep you a baby longer and you will often be wearing all in one rompers or sleep suits, just because your my little baby. My favourite times of the day is your bottle time, that’s the only part that I would say still reminds me of your early months, we always cuddle on the sofa in the same spot, you look up at me and drink your milk and we cuddle for about 20 minutes. You are now holding your bottle so I know it’s only a matter of time until you don’t want to sit with mummy. You really are a character, and you are definitely a handful. But you are so incredibly active and full of life and I really want that to continue. I love you all the world, lets see what your 16th month in the world has to offer.



    Can you relate to any of this with your little ones?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum


  • Featured ImageThe Manchester Baby and Toddler Show – Burble Baby

    The Baby and Toddler show in Manchester is fast approaching and I for one am really excited to be able to attend this year. I have always wanted to attend one of these events but just never made it. This years event is taking place over the weekend of 26-28 September.


    The Baby and toddler show is one of the UK’s popular events for parents, whether new or pro’s. With over 150 different brands showcasing products or offering advice it really is a great event to attend for new or expectant parents.

    I was contacted by a lovely lady called Karen about her new business venture Burble Baby and she is kindly offering TWO L’s Mums readers a pair of tickets each to attend worth £30, how lovely is that? Here’s a little information about Burble Baby in Karen’s words. Burble Baby will also have a stand at this years event…

    Three Pigs Babygro lifestyle shot

    In the beginning, there was a burble…

    Once upon a babygrow, in the lovely little market town of Chorley, England, there lived a young (ish) lady who was blessed with one, then two, then three babies – each one decidedly different, each one breathtakingly beautiful, each one, quite frankly, rather rambunctious and bountiful with their delightful ‘babababa’ burbling!

    The sound of magical baby burbles brought family, friends and colleagues to the young (ish) lady, all bearing huge great smiles and generous gifts for the special new delivery and parents. What a delight it was to receive such presents! What a delight, it seemed, to give them!

    Meanwhile, around about the same time, babies were popping up everywhere; at work, around the corner, up the street and down the lane, and the young (ish) lady found that she needed beautiful, unique gifts for these new mums and their babies, quick! Baby showers, maternity collections, new arrivals, christenings, first birthdays and first Christmases – phew! There were a lot of gifts to buy for lots of different mummies with very varied tastes.

    So, she set about scouring the town, the country and even the globe for adorable trinkets, cutesy clothes, sumptuous skincare and enchanting gifts. She took extra care to find gifts that exuded a touch of luxury, a hint of extravagance, and a soupçon of indulgence, to make the mummies feel extra special at such an emotional and poignant time.

    Now and Then - Blue Opened Fairy Cake Sock and Sample - Lemon in Lemon

    Before she knew it, she had created a luxurious range of charming hamper collections for new mums and their babies, comprising the Best of British design and manufacture, fair trade and organic, and quite a few quirky pieces that were just that little bit different from the norm. She even wrapped them all up in gorgeous ribbon and lucky charms, and presented them in a beautiful vintage inspired keepsake box too, so precious memories could be treasured forever.

    Classic grey floral w blue 603

    So many mums–to-be and new mums were dazzled by their exquisite gift hampers, and, as news spread, the young (ish) lady soon found that family and friends wanted the luxury hampers to give as thoughtful gifts of their own.

    And thus it seemed that Burble Baby was born!

    Thankfully, with a team of speedy helpers on-board, she was able to lovingly create and dispatch the hampers quick sticks! Baby boy, baby girl, unisex and mummy hampers whizzed happily around the globe, and family, friends and colleagues the world over sighed a satisfied and pleasing sigh….

    …‘Thank you Burble Baby!’ they all declared, ‘how simple and delightful you have made it to buy beautiful gifts for our burbling babies!’

    ‘It’s a pleasure!’ retorted the young (ish) lady (for she always had to have the last word!)

    But, what next for the young (ish) lady and her burbling babies?

    sapling pink kinono

    Aah, well yes – they will continue to bring joy and love to new mums and their babies with their beautiful gifts and hampers of course, but you can also keep up to date with all their latest products, news, competitions and offers by subscribing to the Burble Baby newsletter, following Burble Baby on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and by tuning into the Burble Baby blog. They will be very pleased to see you there!

    In the meantime, the story of Burble Baby continues….

    Inspired by our very own burbling babies, Burble Baby is a luxurious and charming collection of hampers for new mums and their babies, comprising adorable trinkets, cutesy clothes, sumptuous skincare & enchanting gifts.

    Comprising the Best of British design and manufacture, fair trade and organic, and quite a few quirky pieces that are just that little bit different from the norm, gifts and hampers from Burble Baby are a delightful present to receive, as well as to give

    Each Burble Baby hamper is lovingly created to order, cushioned in shredded paper and carefully placed in our vintage inspired keepsake box so precious memories can be treasured forever. We will even hand write your personal message on one of our gift cards for that extra special touch, and adorn each hamper with pretty ribbons and its own lucky brass charm. Gorgeous!

    sapling dove grey

    And, because we know you will want to get your lovely gift in the hands of new mums quickly and safely, we send all our orders on a tracked next day service so you can keep up to date with your gift’s progress every step of the way.

    Baby showers, new arrivals, christenings, first birthdays and Christmas; Burble Baby has an exquisite gift or hamper for every occasion…

    You can find information all about Burble baby by following on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Also if you want to be one of the first to here all about offers and hampers then please head on over to the Burble Baby website and register your details.

    So don’t delay, enter now and if you are attending yourself, both Burble Baby and I will see you there.

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