• Featured ImageThe One When The Baby Bites and Pinches, and Scratches and …

    There I was minding my own business a few weeks ago, enjoying a nice cup of tea whilst Baby L played. I could have sworn at that very moment I was thinking “Life is pretty good.” My little boy was occupying himself, and watching some disney junior, which is a welcome change from Baby TV let me tell you, and playing with some of his toys. I was feeling quite happy with myself. Dare I say it, thinking I had cracked this “mum” thing and I was raising a good little boy.

    He turns and looks at me, I smile at him and he smiles back, melting my heart in the process. He stands up and toddles over to me. Just picture it, this cute little boy taking unsteady steps towards me, I’m literally bursting with pride, he grabs my knee and his mouth hits my skin (note to self, shorts are not suitable attire anymore) and bites me, my smile fades, its like everything has gone into slow motion and I’m shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    My boy has decided to become a biter. But he doesn’t just stop there, oh no, He’s quite the little bully, and let me tell you I seem to be the primary target. I can’t even recall a time he has done this to his papa, who clearly is his favourite parent. Fact.

    He pinches me, scratches me, hits me, and then laughs. Like the actions themselves aren’t bad enough, he feels the need to mock me with his evil laugh (slight exaggeration, and his laugh is actually very cute). Now before I get told he doesn’t realise he’s doing this, deep down I know this to be true. He’s just learning, and as I am with him 24/7 I am the one he experiments his life lessons on. But boy does it hurt.


    (So cute)

    The main thing is I can’t seem to find the trigger, he’s never just portraying one emotion at any one time he’s behaving like this. He could be really excited, happy or angry, upset and frustrated.

    I’m hoping it is just a phase, and any advice on how to handle the ouches in a way a 13 month old would understand are greatly appreciated. Until then, its long sleeve tops and trousers and in this weather a sweaty mummy is not the best look in the world.

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

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  • Blogging safely: Five health and safety tips for using computers

    Whether you blog for work or pleasure, or both, you might spend hours on end at your computer. This means it’s really important that you’ve well versed in some basic safety information. After all, while racking up the words on screen may not seem like a particularly risky activity, there are certain dangers to avoid. For example, computer work is associated with neck, shoulder, back and arm pain, as well as fatigue and eyestrain.

    Here are five top tips to help you stay safe while blogging.

    1) A good setup

    Firstly, it’s really important to set your workstation up properly. Ideally, your forearms should be approximately horizontal and your eyes should be at the same height as the top of the screen. Also, make sure there’s enough space under your desk for your legs to move and avoid using seating that places excessive pressure on the backs of your legs and knees.

    In addition, it’s a good idea to have space in front of your keyboard where you can rest your hands and wrists when you’re not writing. Your mouse should be positioned within easy reach so you can use it with a straight wrist and, while controlling your mouse, support your forearm on your desk.

    2) Take regular breaks

    If you’re writing against the clock and are under pressure to meet deadlines, it can be tough to take breaks. However, it’s recommended that you make room for frequent short breaks to rest your eyes. Ideally, you should get away from your screen for around five to ten minutes every hour.

    3) Extra precautions for portable devices

    Laptops and tablets can be really convenient. However, they come with certain added risks. For example, larger laptops can be cumbersome and heavy to carry around. If you do have to shift this equipment, make sure you follow manual handling guidance.

    Also, where possible, use a suitable workstation complete with desk rather than your knee or a coffee table.

    4) Beware electrocutions

    Like all electrical equipment, computers are associated with a risk of electrocution. To minimise the chances that you’ll suffer a shock, carry out regular visual checks of your equipment. You will need to take action to repair or replace it if you see evidence of damage to plugs or connectors, or if the cabling is not properly secure. Burn marks or stains are also cause for action.

    Any repairs should be carried out by people with the necessary skills, experience and knowledge. If you’re in any doubt, get a professional to check your computer over.

    Keep your workstation clean

    Even if your computer looks spic and span, bear in mind it is probably harbouring plenty of bacteria. If you don’t make an effort to keep it clean, you run the risk of contracting potentially nasty infections.

    As a general rule, try not to eat over your computer as you’re bound to create crumbs. Also, from time to time you may benefit from disconnecting your keyboard and turning it upside down over a bin so that any unwanted additions fall out. You can also spray antibacterial cleaning products onto a cloth and then wipe this over your keyboard. Make sure you don’t get your keys too wet though.

    Given the risks to health associated with computers and other types of display screen equipment, it’s important to take the issue of safety seriously. If you think your knowledge on the topic could be improved, it’s worth investigating the Display Screen Equipment/Computer Safety courses offered by Phoenix Health & Safety.

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

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  • Featured ImageReview – ElevEase Shower Step

    We all know how difficult it is to manoeuvre around when pregnant. Especially in those later weeks when we feel ready to burst. Doing normal daily activities can become a real struggle and chore. Not only can the shower be a dangerous place whilst pregnant. Think slipping on a wet floor but to do just a normal thing like shaving your legs becomes near on impossible to do.

    This is where the Elevease comes in and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been around before.


    To be honest I was one of those women that worried about whether my legs were shaved and my toe nails were painted before going into labour. Things that really didn’t even cross my mind whilst I was having my baby, but before the labour started it seemed like a really big deal. I wish I had had an Elevease in my shower to make shaving my legs and foot care so much easier to handle whilst manoeuvring a huge baby bump.


    It slots into a corner of the shower and comes complete with adhesive for quick and easy application. No need to use nails, or redesigning your bathroom tiles around it. I managed to fit it myself in less than 10 minutes.


    The Elevease comes in two colour varieties. White or Chrome. We were kindly sent the white one to review. Like I mentioned earlier on, I wish I had the Elevease whilst I was carrying Baby L, but even now I find it much easier to use it and wonder how I coped before.


    You can take a look at their website here and I highly recommend getting one for your bathroom today. Pregnant or not you will find it such an easy tool to use.

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

    *I was sent the ElevEase show step to review but al opinions are my own*

  • Featured ImageA DIY Guide to Creating Your Babies Nursery

    There is no doubt about it having a baby is expensive. When I was pregnant with Baby L I felt my baby shopping list was never ending. If I wasn’t buying him cute little outfits, I was buying sterilising equipment for his bottles. It was the latest baby bath or stocking up with nappies. Then there was the purchase of a pushchair, should I go for a travel system or just a stroller. It can be so overwhelming. One major thing I certainly had to think about, and I am sure I’m not alone, was the Nursery.


    I knew Baby L was going to be in a moses basket in our room for the first months of his life but like most new mums to be I’m sure, there is something quite exciting about decorating and creating your childs nursery. You are creating their own little space. Their first room. It needs to perfect, to suit their little personality that you imagine them to have. Even though it will be many months before they are using that room properly, that room has to be completed.

    But lets face it, you can go a little overboard when it comes to purchases an decoration but I’m here to share with you some tips to create a perfect DIY room.

    • Wall Decoration – We decided to keep the nursery very neutral as we hope to use it again for future children. A lovely neutral shade of paint can really brighten up a room. The L’s Papa is very good at art and we decided on a feature wall which The L’s Papa designed, drew and both of us painted. It was a labour of love and it has to be one of my favourite features. Adding such a personal touch can be very inexpensive by purchasing tester pots of wall paint.
    • Bedding – A lovely DIY touch is to perhaps dust off that sewing machine and get crafty. It is a lovely way to add something unique o the nursery. I have only just recently developed an interest in sewing so I hope to do this in the future. A great way is to hunt out bargains in the sale or if you have any talented members of the family maybe their baby gift could be something home-made.
    • Furniture – I loved shopping for furniture. There are so many gorgeous sets available but with that came a hefty price tag. I had a certain style in mind. If again you have any talented members of the family perhaps they could design and build some items for you. Or alternatively buy different pieces individually. This can save you a fortune overall, and when putting the furniture together it’s always a good idea to get the right tools for the job and an excellent website for this is Buck and Hickman.
    • Decorative Items – There are endless websites and images on the website that could inspire the least craftiest person like myself. Things like home-made bunting, to button pictures, the options are endless and can really transform a space.
    • Storage – It’s surprising how much you need for your baby. Things from nappies to creams, and you need a place to store these items without cluttering your carefully designed nursery. A great way it to create some storage boxes for cupboards or add some shelving. you can buy plain and straightforward shelves and give them a DIY touch with a bit of paint. It’s another way to add a splash of colour without having to spend a fortune on paint.


    IMG_0091 IMG_0073-2

    So there you have it. My tips to create a DIY nursery. Here’s a few pictures of how Baby L’s turned out.

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

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  • Featured ImageBaby Boy Shopping Haul

    Baby L had his special christening back in April and some of the lovely gifts people kindly gave him were some gift vouchers to various different shops. At that particular time L was doing fine on the clothes he had, and his Grandma and Grandad had recently spoilt him with lots of holiday and summer clothes from Australia. So I decided to save them until we were ready of the next size up.

    Baby L is now 13 months old, and is only really into 9-12 month age range in clothing. So I decided to hit the shops and get him some new summer bits for all this lovely weather we are having. I thought I would share with you some of the lovely items. We bought the clothes from Next, H&M, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams.


    All of the above are from Next. My Favourite is the “Little Man” T-shirt.


    Top Left is from Marks and Spencers, Top right is by Jasper Conran from Debenhams, Bottom left and middle are Next and the socks are from Marks and Spencer.


    Its too hot for sleep suits at the minute but thankfully these are still a little big so he has plenty of time to wear them, they are from Next. The hooded Jacket is from Tesco and the cute denim shirts and vests are H&M. I love H&M for there bargains on vests and trousers, 3 for the price of 2.

    Here is Baby L modelling some of his new clothes. It can be so hard to buy for a boy, but I seemed to have luck on my side on my recent trip as I love all these items and think he looks so cute. It scaring me though how much he no longer resembles my baby, but my little boy.


    Thanks for reading.

    The L’s Mum