Is Your Child A Fussy Eater? Here Are A Few Tips To Encourage Better Eating Habits

Little L must be one of the worst fussiest eaters I know. Well, I am biased, but it seems like each meal time I am fighting a losing battle. Although when he goes to nursery, he will eat all sorts, what’s all that about? I am trying so hard not to give up on encouraging him to eat more at home. Anything that isn’t a ham sandwich or a piece of toast would be amazing. So I have a few ideas on how I plan to encourage him to to try more food and make his eating habits better.



Plant some fruit trees and vegetables

Little L likes to get involved in everything, so there is no surprise now the weather has warmed up that he is out in the garden messing around. So I think it would be good to take advantage of this and do a little gardening with him. We could plant some fruit trees or vegetables and watch them grow together. I am hoping that as he had involvement in growing them, he may want to try the food we produce. All I need is a good fruit tree supplier, and a little advice and we are good to go.



Make the food more fun and appealing

The one thing I am not particularly good at is making the food look appealing. But I know that if it visually looks good, it may encourage him to try things more. If it is uninviting, then he is less likely to want to. I have heard people have great success with making smiley faces or little scenes on the plate. I may not be good at it, but I am willing to try anything.

Encourage him to cook with me

I think a great idea is to try and get him to cook with me. He is always asking to be involved. I tried it with cereal, and he ate the whole bowl. All he did was put it in the bowl and add the milk. So maybe this could work for his other meals as well.



Relax during meal times

I certainly need to relax during meal time because I do think he can sense my nerves and anticipation. I also feel I may be adding unnecessary pressure. In theory, I could be my own worst enemy. I also need to accept that he won’t always try the food. Some meal times will be a success; others will just need to be written off. But that’s okay.

A rewards chart

A reward chart may not work for everyone, but it has when it comes to Little L’s behaviour. So I think I may try and use one specifically for food. Perhaps a sticker for every time he tries a new food or finishes his meal. I know things like this shouldn’t always be rewarded, but if it encourages him to try, I don’t see any harm.

Positive encouragement

Finally, I always need to remain positive and give positive encouragement when it is due. I do tend to focus on the negatives more than I should, and this won’t be giving off the message I want him to see. I want him to understand that trying new foods is a good thing, and nothing bad will happen.

Perhaps you have more ideas to share. I would love to hear them.

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Your Essential Party Planning Guide

Whether it’s a milestone birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion, you’ll no doubt want your next party to impress. Preparing for an event like this can daunting though, especially if you don’t have much experience. Luckily, there is plenty of help on hand. To ensure your soiree is a big success, take a look at this party planning guide.


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Ensure you’ve got some great entertainment lined up

 No gathering is complete without some great entertainment, so start thinking about this well ahead of the big day. For example, why not take your music up a notch by having a live band or DJ rather than just a regular sound system and playlist? If you want your entertainment to be the focal point of your party, organising a murder mystery could really wow your guests. Forget clumsy plots and tacky costumes, it’s now possible to arrange for polished murder mystery performances given by talented West End actors. Unfolding over dinner, these dramatic storylines can captivate guests and they offer a truly memorable experience. Experts such as the Murder Mystery Collective can run these events in almost any location and for any number of guests.

 Send out your invites early

There’s no point in going to a big effort for your bash if hardly anyone turns up. To ensure your guests haven’t made other plans, it pays off to send your invites out early. Encourage people to RSVP too. This will give you a clear idea of how many revellers you’ll be catering for on the day. You can also get people to include any special dietary requirements on their replies to avoid any food-related fiascos.

 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

 Especially if you’re inviting a lot of guests, doing all the prep and making sure things run smoothly on the day itself can be a major challenge. To make your life easier and help ensure everything goes to plan, ask for help if you need it. This could mean anything from paying for professional caterers to getting friends or family to pitch in with decorating rooms or serving drinks.

 Create a kids’ table

If you’re planning a family friendly party, consider creating a kids’ table or play area. Putting out plenty of toys, colouring books and other supplies will help ensure the youngsters have a great time, and by encouraging them to stay in one area, the adults will be able to take it in turns to supervise them. This will give other mums and dads more of a chance to unwind and enjoy the occasion.

 Relax and enjoy!

 Once you’ve put in all the prep and it’s time for your guests to start arriving, all that’s left is to relax and enjoy yourself. Try not to worry if small things go wrong. You can’t control everything and sometimes things don’t quite go according to plan. As long as you smile and have a great time, your guests will too.

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Selling Your Home? Here’s How The Flooring Can Help Increase The Sale Value

Selling our homes can be no easy task. It can be just as stressful as the buying process and the moving part. You can do the viewings, present your homes well. But all it takes is for one person to walk through the door and get that “feeling”. It’s an emotional thing. But there are things you can do to help the process along and that is home improvements. The flooring is big feature of any home, and one of the ways you can create an impact. You could re-carpet or choose some Click System Engineered Oak Flooring. However a new flooring will always create a clean modern finish.


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It’s amazing what new flooring can do to a room. It can instantly brighten up a space and make a room feel larger. All major plus points when you are trying to sell your home. You may not have spent any time on re-decorating the walls but the new floor could make them appear freshly done.

When selling your home you want it to appeal to the masses, and have as many good factors as possible. You need people to walk through the door and think about the practical aspects as well as the emotion. You want them to think the rooms are functional spaces. That they can imagine their own pieces of furniture placed in there. You need them to feel comfortable knowing they can move in and get settled straight-away, without the impending need of work to do.

Things like wooden flooring can make your home feel that way. It can reassure the practicality of a room, as well as making it appear modern and fresh. But why if you are selling your home would you spend money and invest time into the place? If you look around you can pick up some bargains in the Solid Oak Flooring Sale. Meaning the initial outlay from yourselves can be quite minimal. However, a clean fresh appearance will increase your re-sell value which is a huge advantage to you.

Making the appearance of your home seem practical, functional and well-presented means a buyer is more likely to get that “feeling” we mentioned earlier. It allows them to tick all those boxes in there head, the ones that won’t let the emotion through. Taking care of those issues means all they do is imagine living there. Which sets you on the right path for a speedy sale and a most importantly a decent sale value. The flooring, being one of the biggest aspects of your home, is the best and easiest place to start.

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Spruce Up Your Kitchen Design This Summer

A kitchen is the real hub of the home. It not only is the place you cook your meals, but it can be a meeting point for family to gather. As well a place you can work or encourage your children to do their homework. It is a much more useable space these days than it used to be. However, I find that kitchen design has become much more clinical and modern. Which can take a home the cosy feeling you should be able to get from a busy family kitchen.


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What I have noticed becoming more popular is the use of colour. Making the most out of a kitchen and brightening up the room with eccentric colours or pastel shades. A colour, however bold or subtle, can change the dynamic of a room rather than sticking with modern and clinical choices like white and stainless steal. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways colour can spruce up your kitchen design. Some kitchen designer companies like Harvey Jones have an excellent range to consider.

A colour can change the feel of a room

Adding a colour to any room puts a stamp of personality on to it. So why would a kitchen be any different? Most of us wouldn’t think twice about painting our living rooms or bedrooms. Your kitchen will most likely be one of the most used rooms in your home. So it’s only right for it to have a little bit of you and your families taste and colour choices in there. A colour can make a room feel warm and inviting, or feel chic and cosy. It just alls spends on the look you want to create.

You can be bold or subtle

You don’t have to have a real eccentric colour choice, you can be as subtle as you like. Pastel shades are becoming more of a trend as the shabby chic look continues to become popular. Just as much as a bright red kitchen will make the room stand out. The choice is yours. You don’t have to splash colour all over your kitchen design, you could add the colour strategically. This could be done through cupboard doors, or a work surface choice. Maybe even in tiles or wall colour.

A kitchen design should be more than functional

Now that the kitchen is becoming more of the hub of a home it’s only right that your kitchen deign reflects that. The space isn’t just for cooking anymore. It could be used for entertaining, working, dining in a morning. However you use the space make sure your kitchen design comes through for that purpose.

Don’t forget your accessories

You can add plenty of colourful touches to your kitchen this summer without the need to replace your whole kitchen. Accessories are a great way to change the look of your kitchen. This could be in the choice of tea towels you display right through to your tea and coffee containers.

I hope that this may inspire you to consider a different kitchen design by using colour this summer.

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