6 Simple Steps to Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Most of us will get on with our days without thinking too much about our habitual actions. From when we wake up and switch on the shower to when we travel back from work in our cars, our daily tasks are drastically impacting our surrounding environment. Simply buying a bag for life instead of plastic carrier bags is just not enough. If you want to become more eco-friendly, try following these 6 step.


  1. Think About How You Travel

If you use your car every day to get to and from work, try considering alternative methods of transport. If you work close to home, then perhaps try walking or even cycling – not only would you be helping the environment, but you would also be helping your health too!

If you’re travelling a bit further out, perhaps try exploring catching the bus (or even a train). Whatever you decide to do, assure you are cutting down on the amount of time you spend in your car.

  1. Waste Disposal

Correcting of waste appropriately isn’t just about recycling plastic bottles, it’s also about avoiding landfill sites by assuring any unwanted items are handled correctly. Perhaps you are re-furnishing the house, or maybe you simply want to get rid of an old appliance – next time you’re ready to throw something out, try exploring the idea of hiring an eco-friendly rubbish removal service to do it for you. For a small price, they will ensure your waste is re-used, re-cycled or disposed of correctly.

  1. Support Your Locals

Next time you do a food shop, try and look out for the locally grown products instead of your usual purchases. Industrial agriculture can be extremely harmful for the environment as it adds to air pollution and a large quantity of resources are consumed in the process. Support your local farms instead and encourage others to do the same. You could also try growing some of your own produce in your garden.

  1. Conserve Water

Water is one of the most important resources we all need to survive, so wasting it just seems illogical. A high amount of energy is used up to provide water to our homes, so when we leave taps running that energy is only being wasted.

Be more conscious of how much water you are using (for example when showering, cleaning your teeth and washing up) and you will become much more sustainable. Not only this, but you will save yourself a significant amount of money on your next water bill.

  1. Be Smart With Electricals

I’m sure about 80% of people reading this can think of at least one appliance which has been left on standby in their home when nobody is there to use it. Assuring you switch things off at the wall, or even unplugging them when they’re not in use will help to save a considerable amount of energy and money on your bills.

Try and think of smarter ways to use electrical products too. For example, if you need to charge your phone, why not do it in the car on the way to work? If you switch it off or put it on airplane mode whilst it’s charging, it will do it much faster!

  1. Watch the Temperature 

When winter approaches, it can be all too tempting to just turn the heating up as high as possible and leave it like that until summer approaches. But, unfortunately that’s not a viable option for any of us. Ensure your house is insulated effectively and purchase blankets and thicker duvets to help keep you warm throughout the night, if you don’t need the heating on full blast – don’t put it on full blast.

Becoming more eco-friendly really is a lot easier to do than most people think, yet we somehow we still end up neglecting it. Make the effort to be more sustainable and you’ll not only be saving the world we live in, but you’ll be saving yourself money and resources too.

Does Social Media Have A Future For Our Children? I Think There Is Room For More

I often look back on my childhood. How I spent my days and holidays from school. Mostly we played outside. Wanting the latest roller skates or riding our bikes. As my brother and I got older we played tennis regularly. To the point where our holidays were spent travelling around the UK playing tournaments. I had a great school life. Really, my childhood was pretty amazing. I only have fond memories.


Traditions have been passed to me from my mum. Cooking regularly from scratch has only been a part of my life because it was what my mum did. She still does. A lot more than I do now I have to admit, but I wouldn’t know half of what I do if it wasn’t for her. We have traditional family meals that I learnt from my mum and dad. My dad’s famous chilli that I am yet to get 100% right. My mum’s tuna lasagna which happens to be Big L’s favourite food.

Not only that, but things like knitting, something my mum use to love and still does when she has the time. I have memories of her showing me how to do it. However, I can’t do it by the way. I don’t think I will ever master it. But that isn’t the point I’m trying to make here. I have the memory of being shown.

I look at my present life right now and wonder what will I pass on to Big and Little L. Will it be how to get a tweet to have an amazing reach? Will I show Little L how to style the perfect Instagram shot? It worries me a little how social media is beginning to take over our lives.


While I am not one for stopping the evolution of technology, I do hope that my children will get to have the same kinds of memories as I did growing up. The grazed knees, the sport, the competition, the fun and laughter.

However, I don’t think I have that much to pass down to my children. Which makes me a little sad. I can cook, how well is probably debatable. I have that. Thanks to my mum. But will my children want to learn that from me? Or will they head to Google.

There has been recent research into the younger generation and traditions. What would the young people of today want to know most? Will it be how to create an amazing Facebook status, or is it cooking, knitting, and sewing? The results may surprise you, because in theory those grand old traditions are still what interests many people today. It’s the bread and butter of survival. It’s something that we should continue to pass on.

CBeebies have a brand new series of The Clangers. We all know that Granny Clanger loves her knitting. It wouldn’t surprise me that if we could combine technology and traditional pastimes together, that we could compromise on keeping these traditions alive. Especially with the knitting patterns she uses on there being available from Deramores. Perhaps, thanks to Granny Clanger, we will pass on these traditions.

Do you think social media is taking over our children’s lives? Or do you think we can use it to keep those more traditional things alive?

Thanks for reading

The L’s Mum

*This post was written in collaboration with Deramores.*

Struggling to get your kids to hydrate more? Here’s how I get my boys to #EnjoyMoreWater

Water. Let’s face it, it’s pretty boring! Even for us adults who know the benefits of drinking more water each day. So how can we get that across to children? Especially when taste is such a big deal to them. It’s simple. You have to make it fun.

When Little L was so small I remember having this ideal of how I would be as a mother. Making sure he had a healthy diet and drank plenty of water was one of the things I just assumed would happen. Little did I realise how hard it would be to make sure he ate the right things and drank as much as he should. The sleepless nights worrying over it. Now at 3 years old he is still hard work. Big L however, being 11, is a different story altogether. So I’m guessing it comes with age.

So what did I do? He had to drink more and he obviously didn’t go for water.

I make it fun. Or at least I try to.

So when I was asked to take part in the Robinsons #EnjoyMoreWater campaign I decided I needed to up my game. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Children love any activities involving water. That means splashing in the pool, making a big mess in the bathroom, and enjoying getting their little toes wet in the sea. Drinking it, is a different ball game altogether. Why does one thing have such different views when it comes to children? It got me thinking about it, possibly more than I should have. I look back to my relationship with water and I see that it is only recently, now that I have hit *ahem* 30, that I see and feel the benefits of hydration and drinking more water. It’s plain to see that I couldn’t let both my boys get to my age before they realised the true benefits of drinking more water and feeling refreshed.

IMG_9710 IMG_3767 IMG_3774 IMG_0038

Robinson have a range of water enhancers called Squash’d. The range has no added sugar and is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Being a mum that flavoured her son’s water just to get him to drink more, these are really appealing. They only add a subtle flavouring and the bonus of none of the bad stuff just eases my mind a little. What I also loved about it was the range of flavours including two new ones which are Orange and Peach and Pink Grapefruit. Little L’s favourite seems to be the apple and blackcurrant. Although he is getting use to new flavours which I am hoping may encourage him to try more foods with similar flavours. Fingers crossed, hey?

So if you find yourself in a little predicament about water intake when it comes to your children then here are a few tips that I hope will help you out. They certainly worked for us and long may it continue.

IMG_4073 IMG_4076 IMG_4071 IMG_4080

Sticker charts work amazingly well

While Big L is way past getting a sticker for a job well done, my 3 year old is absolutely loving this right now. So a sticker chart has worked wonders for us. We were kindly sent one to try out and I am going to keep it up over the Summer months. Little L loved placing a sticker on the chart. At the same time we learnt some new fruit names and he’s been asking for a glass of water (with some special juice in from Robinsons) without me having to ask him.


Make the drinks a little more exciting

Little L is definitely a visual little boy. So using my NutriNinja to make his drinks more exciting has been a great way to encourage him to drink more. You can go as crazy as you like with this, but I kept it simple. I added a lot of ice to some diluted juice and blended up to make a our own slushy. It was cool and refreshing. Although we haven’t had many warm days during the Summer so far, I know this will be a hit on a hot day. You could also add fruit as well so make it that little bit different.


He does love his stickers!! Hence the one on his face. What you don’t see is that they are all over his jumper as well.


Have a special cup

Making a cup a little more exciting actually was one of the best things I did. It was as simple as letting him sit and decorate his cup for a few minutes with stickers. He was so proud to drink his water from the cup. While of course, the stickers don’t last forever, it can be a great craft activity that you can pull out again and again. For a non crafty mother, I take this as a big win. You’re welcome!

IMG_4079 IMG_4078 IMG_4077

Remember what influence you have

Sometimes your kids can look up to the behaviour you show in front of them. So naturally if you drink more water around them they will start to copy and see it as something normal. However, I appreciate that even for adults we can lose sight on why we should drink more. So if you need a little encouragement yourself then here is what I remember when I forget to drink as much as I should:

  • Water is fantastic for your skin.
  • It can improve your mood
  • It can aid with weight loss
  • It can help you get a better nights sleep

IMG_9447 IMG_9966

It’s so important to keep your children hydrated, not just in the hotter months ahead, but throughout the year. After exercise, during school time and even when they are not using much energy at all. A hydrated body for children can aid in concentration, the ability to do more and to be more alert.

Above all else, just keep it light hearted and fun. Big L is great with drinking so it if you can keep the encouragement going from a young age you are bound to raise a child who will naturally #EnjoyMoreWater. Finally, make sure you relax about it all, we worry way too much. At least now we can make those water drinks a little more exciting. Thanks Robinsons.

How do you encourage your children to drink more water?

Thanks for reading

The L’s Mum

*This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons*





Turning Something Old Into Something New – Farmhouse Table Upcyle Project

The L’s Papa is very handy when it comes to fixing things in the house. He can pretty much turn his hand to anything. Which was why it never surprised me when he decided to build Little L’s toy box or paint a wall mural in his nursery by hand. He’s made coffee tables and amazing pieces of furniture out of car engines. But what’s also great is that he enjoys what he’s doing. We recently came across some old furniture that needed some love so The L’s Papa wasted no time in giving it a new lease of life. So I thought I would share with you the project from start to finish.

IMG_3872 IMG_3873 IMG_3874 IMG_3878

It was a mahogany wood farmhouse style table but it was in pieces when we came across it. Thankfully Little L was on hand to help his papa with the work.

IMG_3886 IMG_3890 IMG_3900 IMG_3908 IMG_3910

The first job was to fix the legs. The L’s Papa pieced them back together. Thankfully we had all the parts required which was lucky.

IMG_3916 IMG_3919 IMG_3922

It required a serious amount of sanding. I think most of the time it took to complete this project was pent sanding the wood down. This was to make sure any wax and paint would take to the wood.


Look how different the table top looks after sanding and waxing.

IMG_0220 IMG_0221 IMG_3956 IMG_3961

The finished table top. I think overall it took The L’s Papa just under three hours from start to finish. It is now a beautiful piece of shabby chic furniture which is making it’s way to a new home shortly. For the more visual among you we have done our very first YouTube video with the whole process from start to finish.

Do let me know if you want to see more videos from us. There will be another one like this going up very soon.

Thanks for reading and watching

The L’s Mum