• Featured ImageDaily Routines – Meet Lindsay, Katie and Cooper

    Welcome to my blog feature where we are sharing daily routines from all types of Mums and Dads. If you have only just come across this feature you can read all about it here. I would love for you to get involved.

    Meet Lindsay, Katie and Cooper.

    Tell me abit about yourself and your family…

    Hi, my name is Lyndsay. I’m the editor of the Mumsnet local site for Renfrewshire in Scotland. I’m the parent of 2 alongside my lovely other half, Colin. We have Katie, 5 and Cooper 1.


     Are you a Stay at home parent, or working parent?

    I’m a working mum but my hours of work do mean I get to see plenty of my children but less of my partner as we work opposite shifts. I work an early shift Monday – Friday and Colin works a back shift Monday – Friday. On the upside though we do have our weekends to have family time together. Colin cares for the children in the morning, doing the school run etc and I do the evening.

    Describe your routine…

    5am  – Alarm goes off, time to get up for work. Breakfast is usually a quick coffee for myself or porridge.

    6am Start work.

    12.30pm - I’m home from work and time for lunch. Lunch is usually a baked potato, tuna and sweetcorn or chicken breast and veggies. Whilst eating lunch I will check my emails for Mumsnet local. After lunch I have play time with Cooper.

    1.30pm - Naptime for Cooper. He will usually sleep until around 2.30pm. While he is sleeping I will go out for a 30minute jog and home for a quick shower before he wakes.

    2.45pm - Leave to walk and get Katie from school. She finishes at 3pm.

    3.30pm - Both kids have a snack while I have a quick tidy up and then we leave to take Daddy to work with his bike. He cycles home.

    5pm - Dinner time. The kids favourite is homemade macaroni cheese. Unfortunately I’m on a diet so none of that for me. I will have salmon and veggies.

    5.30pm-7.30pm Play time. Katie does her homework and plays out in the garden with her friends. Whilst they are doing that I will do any editing to the Mumsnet site.

    7.30-8 Bath time. Yay, it’s nearly bed time!

    8pm-8.30 Supper. Toast and a milk for the children, story then off to bed at 8.30pm.

    9pm Make Colin’s dinner for him getting home from work and I will do any ironing that needs to be done as well as check my emails again and reply to any that need replying to. I will make Katie’s lunch for the next day at school. Lay their clothes out ready for tomorrow and pack Katie’s school bag.

    10.30pm Bed time for me!


    In three words describe a typical day…

    Busy, Fun, Happy

     Could you tell me a highlight of your day…

    The highlight of my day is bath time. Cooper absolutely loves his bath. The mere mention of the word and he is stripping himself off and toddling off to get in. I love watching him splashing about and having fun. Katie will come in the bathroom and play with him too and it’s great seeing the two of them like that.

    Thank you Lindsay for sharing with us your day, it sounds like you have the work/life balance just right. Why not check out the site here or follow on twitter

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum


  • Featured ImageMy Ten Favourite Blogs

    As part of the blog everyday challenge todays prompt is my favourite blogs. I had never really heard of blogs until I was pregnant and fanatically googling anything and everything to do with my pregnancy and impending labour. I found them really insightful and interesting. It helped to hear opinions and views from a fellow mum, and I valued their honesty. It was what inspired me to start my own. I do have favourites, as I am sure everyone does, and some of them I have read right from when I started.

    1. Oh So Amelia – Kerry blogs about her life as a mum. Amelia is her two year old daughter and she is now expecting a baby boy next year. Kerry’s blog covers pregnancy, toddlers, lifestyle, food and home decor. It’s beautiful site and I always enjoy reading her posts.

    2. Bump To Baby – Alex blogs about her life with Ethan and her husband. She covers home decor, lifestyle and life as a parent. The ups and downs. Bump to Baby was one of the first blogs I read and I love the style in which it is written and presented.

    3. Polly’s Little World – Polly blogs about her journey in parenthood with baby boy Archie. Polly blogs about her up cycled furniture and shabby chic ideas, recipes and life as a mum. I always felt through her words that Polly and I have some things in common. I’m sure we would be firm friends if we lived closer together.

    4. Hannah Maggs – Hannah has a blog where she writes about beauty and life as a new mum but mainly does a Vlog once a week. Her vlogs really give an insight into family life and the buzz around living in London.

    5. Chic Geek Diary – Jenna blogs about her life with baby Noah and her new adventure into home ownership with her partner Nick. Again this was one of the first blogs i came across and I always like reading about the home renovations and her monthly Noah updates.

    6. Write Like No One’s Watching – Charlotte writes about her life, being a single mum, having a new exciting relationship and also includes many lifestyle, home decor and recipe posts. Charlotte’s writing captures you right from the start.

    7. Messed Up Mum – Ally is a little inspiration. She has been through some tough times with her mental health but she writes about it, in the moment, when she’s feeling it and her posts are so incredible honest. I have had many a down day but reading her posts and her determination to beat her depression helps me pick myself up and dust myself off.

    8. Lilypod and Sweetpea – Jess blogs abut her life as a new mum and a step mum. I can sort of relate to this a little which is why I loved her blog right from the minute I found it. Jess also includes crafty posts which always gives me a little inspiration to get crafty myself.

    9. The London Mum – Again this was another blog I found right from the start and have continued to read. Donna blogs about her life as a new mum but also includes her life in London, her house move and lifestyle and fashion posts. I love her writing style and enjoy reading about her journey in parenthood.

    10. Honest Mum – Vicki is a real blogging inspiration to me. She just seems to ooze confidence and ability and that seems to spur me on to achieve my goals and dreams. Vicki always seems to positive and upbeat but at the heart of everything is her family and I love that. Vicki has achieved so much in the blogging world and if I manage to achieve a fraction of what she has I will be a happy lady.

    What’s your favourite blog? Do you share the same love for these ones? If you haven’t come across them before please go take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

  • Breastfeeding Pressure

    As a mother, a new mum or an expecting mum, we’re all aware of how breastfeeding is the most natural choice in the world, that breast is best for your child and gives them the best start in life. That’s the message we receive loud and clear right from our early midwife appointments, and I agree to an extent, it’s a natural thing to do. But for me I just couldn’t do it, I don’t really know why, but it’s a choice I made right from the start and that decision has haunted me ever since.

    It’s been reported that breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of Postnatal depression by 50% down to the feel good hormone that is produced when your body is producing milk. It was widely reported again about all the benefits, but yet the reports only mildly touch on the other issue that is faced with these results. What about the women who can’t? According to the same report those women are more likely to develop post natal depression because of the feelings and pressure surrounding it.

    When I was pregnant with Baby L, I was advised right from the start that breastfeeding was the best choice for my baby. It was discussed in 90% of my appointments, even though right from the start I advised my midwife it wasn’t something I wanted to do. I had some complications during my pregnancy, and there was a chance my baby could have arrived earlier than planned. A midwife actually told me in one of my appointments that I was denying my baby the best start in life.

    But what if I hadn’t have been so sure on my decision to not breastfeed? What if I caved to the insane amount of pressure because I believed that the midwife was right, I was being a bad mum already and my baby wasn’t even born? What if I would have attempted to go against every grain in my body and try breastfeeding, only to not be comfortable, or in control, or even able to do it?

    Say I even wanted to breastfeed, and I was one of the many women who try and for one reason or another the breastfeeding just doesn’t happen? What happens then?

    I know from my friends experiences of breastfeeding how bad it can make you feel if it isn’t working. How the whole situation can make you feel like a failure, and still a health visitor will encourage you to keep on going.

    Feelings of failure, feeling like a bad mum, can all be starting points of baby blues and Postnatal depression. The feeling is like treading water in a deep ocean and all your trying to do is keep your head above water.

    I know, because there are days when I have felt like that, and I have admitted that at times I have suffered from the baby blues.

    It’s not the answer for every case of Postnatal depression, but again I wonder why no one speaks out for the women who can’t or choose not to breastfeed? We are a mere mention in a minority that are more likely to suffer, a statistic, and it’s not fair.

    I’m sure everyone of us who chose not to breastfeed, or indeed tried to, would whole heartedly agree that of course breastfeeding is the most natural choice, the best choice, so I ask why so much pressure?

    Perhaps the statistics of breastfeeding and the association with Postnatal depression would be different if the pressure wasn’t applied to every new mum. Every mum wants to do the best for their children, it’s an instinct, it’s natural, but to be a good mum we have to be happy and content with ourselves. If the idea has already been unconsciously planted that our choices aren’t necessarily the best that can’t be good.

    I don’t blame the breastfeeding pressure for my down days, but I do wonder whether my thoughts of being a bad mum stem from those conversations. It’s something I can’t forget, it’s something I vividly remember, so who knows?

    As a mummy to the most wonderful little boy, I only want to do be the best mum I can possibly be to him.

    And so I wonder, is it all just another government target? Is the pressure really necessary?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum

  • Featured ImageBio-Oil Pregnancy Bump Tracker App

    I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Bio-Oil telling me all about there new bump tracker pregnancy app and I just had to share it with you all.

    With the Bio-Oil Bump Tracker, mums-to be can track their changing body from the early stages of pregnancy all the way through to their baby’s arrival. Simply take a picture of your bump each week and the Bio-Oil Bump Tracker will piece them together, eventually creating a time-lapse video. How amazing is that?


    You’ll be able to see how your bump has grown, and create a keepsake video to keep forever. At Bio-Oil they know that pregnancy is a busy time and so the app will send a reminder each week to take a picture of your ever-changing bump.

    When the baby is born, you can complete your pregnancy story with a photograph of you holding your new baby. Enter baby’s name, along with birth date and weight, and share the video of images with friends and family all over the world in an instant via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or via email.

    It’s such a lovely way to track your pregnancy and I most certainly will be downloading this app when I fall pregnant with our next child.

    Bio-Oil Bump Tracker is a free app, for Apple users available to download from iTunes or http://www.newbaby-newbody.co.uk/bumptracker

    Take a look at this video for a taster of how the app works…

  • Featured ImageMy Highlight of 2014 – So Far

    I am taking part in the blog everyday challenge and todays prompt is all about a highlight of this year. It’s been tough to narrow this down as this year has been a fantastic. We have had some incredible moments but one period of time really stands out for me, and so it has become my highlight of this year so far.

    My highlight of the year is the month of april, and for many reasons:

    • My parents visited from Australia and were with us for just over two weeks. I had missed them so much and so it was amazing to spend time with them.
    • Baby L’s christening took place at our local church and then we had a big party at Manchester City Football Stadium with all our friends and family. It was an amazing day.
    • We had our first family holiday in Lanzarote, and my parents and brother came along. We had a fantastic week in the sun and made some incredible memories.

    Here’s a few pictures…





    What’s been your highlight of this year so far?

    Thanks for reading

    The L’s Mum