Daily Routines – Laura and her boys

  Welcome to my new blog feature where we are sharing daily routines from all types of Mums and Dads. If you have only just come across this feature you can read all about it here. I would love for you to get involved.

Today we have Laura and her boys. Laura blogs over at Mummy to Boyz and is a crafty Mummy. I wish I was a little more crafty. Here’s what they get up to.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family…

I’m Laura mummy to two gorgeous boys the boy (O) who has just turned 4 and the young one (L) who is 14 months and daddy. O is my ‘free spirited’ boy whilst L is the calmer one, we live on the edge of the new forest and enjoying getting out and about. I love all things crafty & baking although I don’t get much time to do any.
Are you a stay at home mum or working mum?
I’m a working mum working three days and through the evenings when the boys are in bed so life is pretty full on.
Describe your daily routine…
We don’t really follow a set routine which might be why the days are so busy but we have a rough routine if it helps?
5-6.30am The boys wake: Any time between 5 & 6.30 – before 6 is a killer! Usually TV time.
6-7.30am Breakfast:  depending on how hungry they are or if they are ready to eat. The boy has either dry cheerios, toast or a tea cake, the young one has cheerios with milk, toast & half my porridge- he can eat!
After breakfast quick shower, baby goes done for a nap – anywhere between 20 mins or 2 hours.
I try and do a craft, play a game/ bake with O when L is sleeping.
10-10.30am Snack time which usually is Fruit & crackers.
Outside play or meet with friends.
12-12.30pm – Lunchtime: Sandwich, rice cakes or crisps (or a dunker), raisins, fresh fruit, mini sausage, yoghurt, biscuit
Play: Cars, stories, dance, paint, duplo, hide & seek
2pm ish Walk/ park/ play date (L may nap if he had a short nap in the day)
4-5pm Dinner. I try and make it a home cooked meal such as spaghetti bolognese, hot pot, toad in the hole, meat & two veg.
Self play (if early tea)
 5.30pm Bath
Play upstairs with mummy &daddy if he’s home
6.30- 7.30pm Bed
Describe your day in three words…
Typical day would be crazy, fun and busy
What is the highlight of your day?
I have a couple, is that allowed? The first is when the boy comes in and says good morning mummy, second when I hear the boys laughing whilst playing together, after bath time when we have quality play time & finally when the boys room has gone quiet at bedtime!
Thank you Laura, I really appreciate you taking the time to let us all know what you and the boys get up to during the day. If you want to read more about Laura and her family then please take a look at her blog http://mummytoboyz.blogspot.co.uk/
Laura is also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mummytoboyz and would love it if you could like her page :)
You can also follow Laura on Twitter: @Mummytoboyz
Thanks for reading.
The L’s Mum.


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